Teen Titans Go! Order issues on Netflix

Teen Titans Go!” has been reported having Season 3 uploaded backwards on Netflix, also it’s only streaming in Canada (thanks for the assist, Anon!). Fortunately, we’ve found all the episodes streaming legally on the Cartoon Network site here:

Teen Titans Go! Streaming free on Cartoon Network

You can also stream it for free with an Xfinity account, though we urge you to cut the cord if you haven’t yet. You don’t even need cable for this show 🙂

Currently, you can only get Season 4 paid on Amazon, though we expect later it will be added to Netflix and the Cartoon Network site.

The A-Team – Missing Episodes

Thanks to NetflixFixer Summer for reporting that the A-Team is missing really important episodes on Netflix. Not only is the last episode of the entire series missing, but 12 episodes are missing overall. Here’s the list, and where to find replacements:
The A-Team on Netflix

The A-Team on Amazon free with STARZ (free 7 day trial available) or $1.99 each.
Season 1:
All episodes on Netflix
Season 2:
All episodes on Netflix
Season 3:
1 “Bullets and Bikinis” [MISSING] – Season 3 on Amazon
2 “The Bend in the River (Part 1)”
3 “The Bend in the River (Part 2)”
4 “Fire”
5 “Timber!”
6 “Double Heat”
7 “Trouble on Wheels”
8 “The Island”
9 “Showdown!”
10 “Sheriffs of Rivertown”
11 “The Bells of St. Mary’s”
12 “Hot Styles”
13 “Breakout!”
14 “Cup A’ Joe”
15 “The Big Squeeze”
16 “Champ!”
17 “Skins”
18 “Road Games” [MISSING] – Season 3 on Amazon
19 “Moving Targets”
20 “Knights of the Road”
21 “Waste ‘Em!”
22 “Bounty”
23 “Beverly Hills Assault”
24 “Trouble Brewing”
25 “Incident at Crystal Lake”
Season 4:
1 “Judgment Day (Part 1)”
2 “Judgment Day (Part 2)”
3 “Where Is the Monster When You Need Him?”
4 “Lease with an Option to Die”
5 “The Road to Hope”
6 “The Heart of Rock N’ Roll” [MISSING] – Season 4 on Amazon
7 “Body Slam” [MISSING] – Season 4 on Amazon
8 “Blood, Sweat, and Cheers”
9 “Mind Games”
10 “There Goes the Neighborhood”
11 “The Doctor Is Out”
12 “Uncle Buckle-Up” [MISSING] – Season 4 on Amazon
13 “Wheel of Fortune” [MISSING] – Season 4 on Amazon
14 “The A-Team Is Coming, the A-Team Is Coming”
15 “Members Only”
16 “Cowboy George”
17 “Waiting for Insane Wayne”
18 “The Duke of Whispering Pines”
19 “Beneath the Surface” [MISSING] – Season 4 on Amazon
20 “Mission of Peace” [MISSING] – Season 4 on Amazon
21 “The Trouble with Harry”
22 “A Little Town With an Accent”
23 “The Sound of Thunder”
Season 5:
1 “Dishpan Man” AKA “The Court Martial (Part 1)”
2 “Trial by Fire” AKA “The Court Martial (Part 2)”
3 “Firing Line” AKA “The Court Martial (Part 3)”
4 “Quarterback Sneak”
5 “The Theory of Revolution” [MISSING] – Season 5 on Amazon
6 “The Say UNCLE Affair” [MISSING] – Season 5 on Amazon
7 “Alive at Five” [MISSING] – Season 5 on Amazon
8 “Family Reunion”
9 “Point of No Return”
10 “The Crystal Skull”
11 “The Spy Who Mugged Me”
12 “The Grey Team”
13 “Without Reservations” [MISSING] – Season 5 on Amazon
*Note: Amazon links include a partner code so they know we sent you. It doesn’t change the price though, and they’re still free with STARZ.

Sliders – 5 Seasons – Missing Episodes

Update 5/6/2015: It looks like at some point Netflix messed up Sliders (Netflix link), because now there are episodes missing! Here are the corrected orders. Fortunately the missing episodes are available on both Amazon and Hulu. Thanks to everyone who pointed out the discrepancy in the comments.

Season 1:
1 – Pilot: Part 1
2 – Pilot: Part 2
3 – Fever
Episode 4 – Last Days, MISSING [Amazon] [Hulu]
5 The Prince of Wails
6 Summer of Love
7 Eggheads
Episode 8 – The Weaker Sex, MISSING [Amazon] [Hulu]
9 The King Is Back
8 Luck of the Draw

Season 2: In Order
Season 3: In Order
Season 4: In Order
Season 5: In Order

Old Post:
According to the IMDB episode order, all episodes of Sliders are now correct. There was a problem previously but it must have been fixed. If anyone is having trouble with it, leave a comment, or try it on Amazon free with Prime.

CSI: Miami – Season 1

Update: 9/22/2014: All episodes are In Order now. Netflix fixed them.

Seasons 1-10: In Order.

Old Post:
CSI: Miami Season 1 is slightly out of order. While it’s only a few episodes, the order on Netflix currently will spoil the season finale. Instead, watch in the following order:

Season 1: 
1, 2, 23 (Wet Foot, Dry Foot), 3-21, 24 (Freaks and Tweaks), 22 (Body Count).

 Thanks anon for the tip via comments.

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Futurama – 7 Season Summary

It starts with episodes bleeding over into the next season, making you think you watched a season finale when you haven’t; then by Season 3 everything is out of order. Seasons 6 and 7 pull it back together, though the series finale isn’t available yet.

If you’re looking for 7-B, the last Futurama season, it may be coming around February, 2014 since 7-A was added in February, 2013. Or you can stream it on Amazon Instant Video with our fancy affiliate link to let them know we sent you: [Link]

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7

Futurama Seasons 1-7 stats:
67 Episodes In Order
47 Episodes Out of Order
12 Missing Episodes (in Season 5) (updated 11/8/2013)

Slightly better than Mythbusters!

Bonus! Here’s all the episodes visualized by IMDB rating:

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Futurama: Season 5

UPDATE: These episodes have been fixed by Netflix, Season 5 is all available as of 11/8/2013.

Season 5 aired 4 movies in 4 parts each on TV. Unfortunately, Netflix only shows the first of 4 parts of each of them (they were probably confused about there only being 4 ‘titles’ in the Season). The full movies are on Netflix, but are DVD-Only. If you watch one of these episodes, you will be left hanging with a major cliffhanger, and no 2nd-4th parts of each movie to watch!(update)

Season 5:
1-4 “Bender’s Big Score”
5-8 “The Best with a Billion Bucks” 
9-12 “Bender’s Game”
13-16 “Into the Wild Green Yonder”

Since it’s missing on Netflix, you can buy it on Amazon Instant Video by clicking this affiliate link to let them know we sent you: [link]

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Futurama: Season 4

As with Season 3, Season 4 of Futurama is badly out of order. Please made sure to check which Season each episode is from, as these are between Season 5 and 4 as listed by Netflix.

Season 4:
1 S5E5
2 S4E10
3 S4E11
4 S5E6
5 S5E4
6 S5E15
7 S5E2
8 S5E1
9 S5E7
10 S5E8
11 S4E12
12 S5E9
13 S5E13
14 S5E14
15 S5E10
16 S5E11
17 S5E12
18 S5E16

“S5E5” = Season 5, Episode 5 as listed on Netflix

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Futurama: Season 3

As you can see, starting Season 3 there are a lot more out of order episodes. While you can watch it in the posted order, there are some internal references that won’t work, and fortunately all of the episodes are available. Be careful about what Season it says, these episodes are across Season 3, Season 4, and even some in Season 5 (as listed by Netflix).

Season 3:
1: S3E5
2: S3E4
3: S4E1
4: S3E8
5: S3E7
6: S3E6
7: S3E12
8: S3E13
9: S3E9
10: S4E2
11: S3E10
12: S5E3
13: S3E14
14: S3E15
15: S3E11
16: S4E3
17: S4E4
18: S4E8
19: S4E7
20: S4E5
21: S4E6
22: S4E9

S3E5 = Season 3, Episode 5

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Futurama: Season 1

We have endeavored to finally find the correct order for all of Futurama on Netflix streaming. While Season 1 simply spills over into Season 2, by the time we get to Season 3 you’ll see that it is completely out of order, and that most of Season 5 is missing. Futurama is a show that you can get away with watching some of them out of order, but is much better if you watch it generally in order since there are lots of internal references, and there’s no point in watching the first part of the movies if the end of the movie isn’t available to stream (in Season 5). It’s also good to know where the season finales are, instead of thinking the middle of the season was the end.

Season 1:
Episodes 1-9
S2E1 – S2E4

S2E1 = Season 2, Episode 1 on Netflix.

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