Why we switched to OverPlay

A brief history

NetflixFixer.com started out as a labor of love, rallying against shows being uploaded to Netflix in completely random order, and looking up the right order leading to even more spoilers online. Then people started asking how they can access shows that were available only in the US or other countries outside of their own region.

We previously recommended Unblock-Us for unblocking particular countries, and for a while they did an amazing job of giving access to whichever country you want to watch from by simply picking a country from a pull-down menu. Unfortunately Netflix started cracking down on Smart-DNS connections like Unblock-US (after initially lying about doing it).

After hearing about Netflix blocking VPN users… Source: Reddit

We don’t actually blame them for blocking ‘unblockers’ though, as a user on reddit explained to someone asking why they are cracking down:

Warner Bros: “I’ll sell you rights to show my series Chuck in the US for $3 million, Canada for $1 million, and the UK for $1 million ”

Netflix: “We’ll take the US and UK.

3 months later

Warner Bros: “Hey WTF! People are just VPNing from Canada to the US to watch Chuck! Stop it or you owe us $1 mil.”Netflix: “K.”

So what do we do now?

We keep trying. We’ve continued to post any free DNS code updates on our “American Netflix DNS Codes Roundup Pt.2” post, even though Netflix shuts them down quickly. Maybe they’ll get tired of taking down new codes eventually.

We’re also switching over to OverPlay.

OverPlay is similar to Unblock-Us, in that they run a smart-DNS system that makes it look like you’re in America (or any country) by resolving the IP address for Netflix from the target country. Your computer doesn’t know that “netflix.com” is “” until a Domain Name System server tells it that’s the address; but OverPlay’s smart-DNS system says “hey Netflix, someone in [the US] wants to know your address” instead off your actual country. As we mentioned above, Netflix got wise to that and started cracking down on the lying DNS servers.

Luckily OverPlay also has another connection system available: VPN (Virtual Private Network). Unlike DNS, when you connect through a VPN you actually stream all the data through the connection. So instead of your computer asking for the address of Netflix, a computer in the actual country asks, connects, and starts streaming it from that country, and transfers that data to you. Obviously this means a lot more work for the VPN server than a DNS server, and that’s why they’re about $10 instead of $5 per month – but it’s much harder for Netflix to detect that a computer streaming from the US is actually later sending that data to Canada. In fact it’s probably impossible to detect until multiple people start streaming from that same address.

So OverPlay is currently working for us, and we think it will be much harder to take down, so that’s what we’re recommending at the moment. Feel free to keep checking our free DNS code post for updates, but if you can afford the $10, it really is a lot easier to watch from wherever you want through a VPN. You also get the benefits of hiding your location from other sites: torrents, ISPs throttling certain sites, identity protection, etc. – they only see that you’re talking to the VPN, not what it’s sending you. If you want to try it out, we would really appreciate if you click our link (or the ad below) to show them we sent you. Thanks!

Bill Nye, Django Unchained, Boxtrolls, and More Now Streaming on Netflix

Bill! Bill! Bill!

A Collection of 31 Episodes of the 1993 classic Bill Nye, the Science Guy is now streaming on Netflix. Unfortunately, it’s missing the other 69 episodes, but if you search on YouTube some more are on there (we can only assume they are allowed, or else YouTube would removed them…). All episodes are also available on Amazon, but cost money [link].
The patron saint of nerds everywhere. Link to Netflix. Link to Amazon.
This is probably related to Bill Nye getting the word out about his LightSail Kickstarter, of which we are a backer! If you want to support crowd-funded space exploration, and help carry out Carl Sagan’s dream of solar sail powered space flight, definitely check it out.

The Boxtrolls

Another kid-friendly movie just added to Netflix is The Boxtrolls. It was surprisingly good when we saw it in theaters, and I still find myself wanting to pat on my boxclothes when I’m happy.
Link to Netflix

Inglourious Basterds

A very not kid-friendly movie, Inglourious Basterds is also now available. With an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s an unmissable Nazi-killing Tarantino flick. “And I want my scalps!”
Link to Netflix

Django Unchained

Another amazing Tarantino movie (aren’t they all just perfect to watch over and over on Netflix?), Django Unchained follows the story of a freed slave (Jamie Foxx) and a German bounty hunter (Christoph Waltz) trying to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio).
Django Unchained on Netflix

[MEX] Jurassic Park

“MEX” you say? The original Jurassic Park just started streaming in Mexico. This is a perfect nostalgia recap before the new movie comes out, but only for people with access to an easy country-switching DNS service like Unblock-Us, which we use and support. If you have the service, all you have to do is pull down the menu on their website to Mexico, and voila, Jurassic Park is available on Netflix. Watch the trailer for the new Jurassic Park here, and watch the 1993 trailer here. How it works:
1. Jurassic Park is unavailable to stream in the US.
2. Change my region to Mexico at Unblock-Us
3. There’s Jurassic Park, ready to watch!
Click here to check out Unblock-Us using our referral code so they know we sent you; we appreciate it.

[BRA] The Imitation Game

Similar to Jurassic Park playing in Mexico, The Imitation Game is playing in Brazil. Just do the same thing as above, pull your Unblock-Us menu down to Brazil, and the Imitation Game will show up on Netflix. Enjoy!
Changing region over to Brazil.
And now we can watch Imitation Game!

Thanks to:
Reddit, Reddit, Kickstarter, and InstantWatcher for the info.

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NetflixFixer Now Officially Supports UnBlock-Us

Lots of people visit asking about how to access the American version of Netflix from Canada, the UK, and elsewhere. We’ve consistently tried to keep up to date with the latest free DNS servers available, first in our DNS Codes for Netflix and our “Part 2” version; but that thread is already at 687 more comments in the two months over 1000 comments since it was posted, with lots of updates as we’ve confirmed new working codes.

We realize that these constantly changing codes might be frustrating some NetflixFixers, always playing a cat and mouse game with the servers when you just want to watch a show. We’ve written at length about different services you can use to get around country restrictions, including Hola, MediaHint, Anonymoux, and others. Unfortunately, most of these services have let us down at various times after we posted about them. There was a wave of Chrome plugins being bought by spammers that started interjecting ads into your regular web browsing sites – which is unacceptable. Hola was even found to be using user’s connections as TOR exit nodes – an incredibly dangerous activity.

That’s why we’re moving to Unblock-Us.

For $5/month after a one week free trial you can connect to Netflix and other streaming sites from whichever country you want. After using it for these past months, we highly recommend it.

Click the image to try Unblock-Us free

Being subscribed to /r/Netflix, this site has come up over and over again with positive comments from people sharing what they use when asked about getting around country restrictions. We resisted it at first because it is a paid service (about $4.99 currently after a week free trial), but we finally decided to try it out and it works great. It seems that by paying a small amount per month, you can get around the common problems with constantly changing codes, slow servers, Netflix not working, etc. It makes sense really – every time we post a free DNS server, thousands of people connect to it and start streaming HD movies through a single connection. It’s no wonder it either slows way down, Netflix blocks it, or the admin takes it down. It just makes sense, so we asked around, tried it out, and are ready to endorse Unblock-Us. Just click the image to the left to get a free 7 day trial, this is an affiliate link that tells them we sent you.

We will still support the people looking for updated free DNS codes. When they’re up, we’ll spread the word; when none are available, we’ll keep looking while we use Unblock-Us for our own streaming 🙂

TL;DR version (too long; didn’t read):
– It’s hard to keep up with the latest free DNS servers for American Netflix (though we will still keep updating them)
– Web plugins we previously recommended got bought by spam companies and started hijacking their user’s connections.
– We now recommend Unblock-Us if you don’t want to put up with the hassle of constantly finding new DNS servers.

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What to Watch on Netflix – December, 2013

We always have trouble deciding what to watch on Netflix scrolling through the list, but when we watch an actual trailer it’s easy to find something to watch. Sit back and watch these trailer clips for new releases on Netflix Instant for December, 2013

To view the full list of trailers used, open the video description: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaAfhhW7nMQ

Thanks to reddit.com/r/Netflix and InstantWatcher.com for always keeping us in the loop for Netflix releases (after they stopped posting the official list because sites like ours were talking too much about what Netflix was losing each month).

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What to Watch on Netflix – November, 2013

I always have trouble deciding what to watch on Netflix scrolling through the list, but when I watch an actual trailer it’s easy to decide. Sit back and watch these trailer clips for new releases on Netflix Instant for November, 2013.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Black Pearl (first movie): http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_The_Curse_of_the_Black_Pearl/60029157?trkid=7711922

2. Skyfall: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70243459?strkid=2016391364_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70243459

3. Europa Report: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70276016?strkid=1252690200_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70276016

4. Olympus Has Fallen: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70259801?strkid=1695223479_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70259801

5. Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70290568?strkid=282105866_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70290568

6. Redemption: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70262785?strkid=686231754_6_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70262785

7. Dexter S1-4: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70136126?strkid=1532762832_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70136126

8. Chuck S5: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70157475?strkid=1991189151_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70157475

9. The Polar Express: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70011200?strkid=74626884_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70011200

10. We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70267587?strkid=855408761_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70267587

11. Robot & Frank: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70227654?strkid=1828541237_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70227654

12. City Under Siege: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70218618?strkid=1470704747_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70218618

13. Super Buddies: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70283770?strkid=723698672_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70283770

14. Sharknado: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/70285977?strkid=895232104_0_0&trkid=222336&movieid=70285977

Let’s Make Money (11-12-13) — http://imgur.com/fkql3E9
Only God Forgives (11-14-13) — http://imgur.com/OQWMSak
The Joneses (11-15-13) — http://imgur.com/Y6H2U3v
The American (11-16-13) — http://imgur.com/sDGfz47
Killing Season (11-18-13) — http://imgur.com/m3FbyeL
MST3K: Werewolf (11-19-13) — http://imgur.com/KGPdO0Y
MST3K: I Accuse My Parents (11-19-13) — http://imgur.com/nBuJUEC
The Iceman (11-25-13) — http://imgur.com/AbSlT3z
Farscape (11-26-13) — http://imgur.com/3OhPz2k

All shows and trailers copyright their respective owners. NetflixFixer.com does not claim any ownership for the aforementioned trailers.

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What to Watch on Netflix – October, 2013

Wondering what to watch on Netflix tonight? NetflixFixer is starting a brand new series of trailer clips showing off Netflix’s newest and best movies and shows to help you find something to watch. Sit back and enjoy the trailers, and then go watch whatever piques your interest:

1. Ghostbusters (1984)

2. Forrest Gump (1994)

3. Fargo (1996)

4. Grease (1978)

5. Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

6. Road House (1989)

7. The Italian Job (2003)

8. The Walking Dead — Season 3 (2012)

9. Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey (2012)

10. How I Met your Mother – Season 8 (2012)

11. Escape from Planet Earth (2013)

12. Congo (1995)

13. Supernatural – Season 8 (2012)

14. Arrow (2012) – October 9

15. Sons of Anarchy – Season 5 – October 26

All shows and trailers copyright their respective owners. NetflixFixer.com does not claim any ownership for the aforementioned trailers.

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Upcoming Netflix Fixes

Some new requests for fixes have come in, so we’ll get on it and post the shows soon (links to the request comment):

If you have any new requests, you can post them in the comments here and we’ll check them out as well. Thanks for keeping a lookout for new shows.

12/14/12: List updated.
12/17/12: American Horror Story added.

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How-To: How to Watch Netflix and Hulu Without Country Restrictions

Important Update: This space has been updated from suggesting a few browser plugins. The problem with these plugins is that they often get bought out by scammy sites and start using your connection for nefarious purposes. We now support Unblock-Us instead, which has a free week, then for $5/month you can access Netflix and other streaming sites from any country you choose. There were just too many problems with other DNS services hijacking people’s connections, and we don’t want to be a part of that. If you want to check out Unblock-Us, we would appriciate if you use our link to tell them we sent you. Thanks: Unblock-Us

There is a new, easy to use, and free add-on for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to watch Netflix and Hulu content without restrictions based on which country you’re viewing from.

Just go to the link and click “Start Using” to install an add-on to your browser to get around the restrictions. This uses MediaHint’s VPN within your browser, easily accessing the services as if you were in the US.

Alternate Methods

Update: Firefox users can also install Anonymoux, which seems to do about the same thing as mediahint, and is also very simple to install.

If you aren’t using Chrome or Firefox (and can’t just install Chrome to watch Netflix in), you can still get around the restrictions by installing a VPN (Virtual Private Network). What that does is accesses the site through another person’s connection, making it look like you are in their location. Two things to watch out for with VPN services though – first, they can be laggy as you are dependent on the other location’s connection, and second, searching for “Netflix VPN” or similar will get you a lot of spam for affiliate links to services like “HideMyAss” or others. Setting up articles just to make money recommending users to a service does not mean the author has actually looked into the issue and found the best solution.

Another, possibly better solution is through a DNS-based service. With these, your home’s router will forward only Netflix traffic to another IP. This means that devices like the Roku Player, Apple TV, etc. will be able to use it; and only when accessing Netflix/Hulu. It is more complicated to set up and may cost money though. Here is more info about using DNS to access Netflix and Hulu.

Update 2: If you’re having problems accessing a site, like Comedy Central from outside America to watch a show, Hola is a quick and simple solution. Just download it, and unblock videos that “aren’t available in your country”.

How-To: How to watch Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video is the newer service out of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, but it’s worth considering for people who either already have Amazon Prime membership, or people who order a lot of items online and would like a Netflix replacement.

Why a Netflix Replacement? 

Amazon Instant Video, while pretty robust in both the TV and movie selection has a lot of overlap with Netflix. This stems from the fact that each streaming company has to negotiate with each studio for what rates they’ll pay, what will be available, etc. It seems that Hulu is willing to pay for exclusive content – paying for shows and movies on the condition that Netflix and Amazon won’t be able to show them – while Netflix and Amazon are seem to be simply trying to get as much content as possible for a reasonable rate. This results in similar content between the two, with Hulu (and Hulu Plus) showing a lot of different content.

Then Why Would I Use Amazon over Netflix?

First, while it’s possible to watch Amazon Instant Video without Amazon Prime, you’ll end up paying per episode/season/movie. This just isn’t worth it compared to watching free content with Amazon Prime, so we’ll compare Instant with Prime to a streaming Netflix plan.

Amazon Prime clocks in typically at $79.00/year after a free month trial, or about $6.58/month. It has less content that is free for Amazon Prime members than Netflix, but you get free 2-day shipping on eligible orders on the site, as well as a free Kindle book checkout per month. If you have a Kindle, order often from Amazon, or want to replace Netflix for any reason this is a great option and costs less than Netflix. If you factor in paid movies and shows, the selection is larger than Netflix, and you could consider spending that $16.92 you’ll save per year to buy a few brand new movies. Amazon Instant Video requires a flash player, so while they’ve made an app for iPad, iPhones can not watch. PC, internet TVs, most tablets, Kindle Fire, Android phones, and iPad can.

Netflix costs $7.99/month for unlimited streaming, also after a free month. It has a wide selection covered within that price, and there are no special paid movies or shows like on Amazon. They don’t always update incredibly fast, so if the last batch of new shows don’t interest you, it can get a little boring trying to find something to watch (whereas at least you could pay for something on Amazon).

How To Watch Amazon Instant Video

  • Phone

On your flash-capable phone (not iPhone), all you need to do is make sure you have Flash Player 11 installed, and log in to the Amazon.com site on the phone. At the very bottom there is a button to “View Full Site” instead of the mobile version, click that. Then it’s the same as watching on PC below. You can also check for an Amazon Instant Video app in your phone’s app store and log in with your Amazon Prime account.

  • Tablet

There are two ways to watch stream from Amazon on your tablet. First, log into your app store and search for “Amazon Instant Video”. iPads, Kindle Fires, and some others will have an app to install, log into your Amazon account, and enjoy.

If there isn’t an app for your specific tablet, you can still watch Amazon Instant Videos as long as your tablet supports flash. Just make sure you have Flash Player 11 installed, make sure you’re on the full web version of Amazon.com (click “View Full Site” if you’re in Mobile View), and follow the PC directions below.

  • PC

To the left of the Search bar on Amazon, there’s a pull-down menu to search “All Departments”, “Appliances”, “Books”, etc., but now there’s a pull-down item for “Amazon Instant Video”. Select that, and click “Go” with nothing in the search bar to get to the instant video section.

In the bar on the left side of the site, there is a check box labelled “Prime eligible”, check that and it will filter by videos that are free with Amazon prime. Also on the left you can select a genre, actors, minimum number of review stars, etc., just make sure the “Prime eligible” checkbox stays checked so it’s the free stuff. There are also subgenres that show up on the left after you select a genre; for example you can browse Action – Martial Arts – 4 stars and up to narrow down your search.

Tip: If you end up on a page without the “Prime Eligible” checkbox to the left, you can always click “Go” in the search bar with “Amazon Instant Video” selected to get back to this page and look for free videos.

  • Xbox

Watching Amazon Videos on an Xbox 360 is quite a bit different than on PC, but the setup is definitely worth it as many people end up using it as the only thing they use their Xbox for! Amazon has written up a helpful guide to getting set up on the Xbox360 (link) which will guide you through the process.

Simply go to the “Apps” tab and search for “Amazon Instant Video” in the Marketplace. Let the app download, open it from the “Video” tab, and log in to your Amazon account. Go to the “Prime Movies” and “Prime TV Shows” pages within the app to browse through the free content for Prime members.

  • PS3

Setting up Amazon Instant Videos on a PS3 is a little bit more complicated than on the Xbox because you’ll need to enter a code to activate your account. Fortunately Amazon also posted a helpful guide to setting it up on your PS3 (link).

You’ll start by downloading the app from the Marketplace and opening it. There will be a button to “Register your device” which displays a code to enter onto the website. Write that code down, or open the Amazon page from your smartphone/table in front of the TV – then go to this site to enter the code (link)

After it is entered once you won’t have to do it again, and you’ll be able to watch videos on your PS3. Go to the “Prime Instant Videos” page in the app for the free Amazon Prime TV shows and movies.

  • Internet TV

If your TV is listed here, you can click the link to enter the registration code to activate Amazon Instant Video on your device. You’ll need to download the Amazon Instant Video app from your device’s marketplace/app store, and get a prompt to enter the 5 digit code on the Amazon site.

Looking for new releases

Update: We just found that you can use CanIStreamIt to find new releases and search more easily through Amazon Instant Video materials. Go here: http://www.canistream.it/movies/reminders/amazon_prime_instant_video
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New Request Thread – Vote for Your Fix!

Update: We’ll start with Dirty Jobs. Keep voting for the rest of the order after that.
Update2: Dirty Jobs is finished. Looks like we’ll fix Sliders next, then The Office.

Which out of order show should we fix next?

We’re starting a brand new request thread after the epic task that was figuring out Mythbusters! This is a test of using a poll to decide which order to fix shows in based on the requests we’ve gotten so far. Vote for as many fixes as you want above, and if you don’t see a show that needs its order fixed, leave a comment below and we’ll add it.
You can also now email tips [at] netflixfixer [dot] com to tell us about shows that are out of order, suggest an article, or just tell us about the site.