Lost Girl – Season 3 and 4

We’ve been doing some house cleaning to the left side-bar making sure we’re up to date with which shows are out of order.

Lost Girl used to have Season 2 uploaded in backwards order, but now everything is in order and safe to watch on Netflix.

Season 1 – In Order.
Season 2 – In Order.
Season 3 – In Order.
Season 4 – In Order.

As for when Season 5 might be available:
Season 4 premiered on TV in Fall, 2013 and was released on Netflix July 24th 2014.
Season 5 premiered on TV in Fall, 2014, so we expect it to come to Netflix Summer, 2015.

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Lost Girl – Season 2

UPDATE 1/2/13: A very important update to anyone currently watching Lost Girl – Season 2 on Netflix. It has now been fixed and is in order. This means that if you were watching the episodes backwards when they were in reverse order, you are very susceptible to running into some spoilers before you realize the order has switched.

Season 1 – In order
Season 2 – In order

2 ways to make sure you’re watching the correct episode:
1. Look at the episodes showing 90-100% completion that you watched backwards. Count how many were watched, and watch the next episode that many from the beginning instead of the end. For example, if you see that the last 6 episodes were watched while it was in reverse order, count 6 from the start and watch Episode 7.

2. If you really want to make sure you watch the right episode, open the episode before the episode you think you’re on (6 in the previous example). Scroll through the episode and make sure it looks familiar as the last thing you watched. Then, when you get to the end credits, look for some unique extras from that particular episode. In our example of checking Episode 6 we’ll use “Rockstar – Steve Lund,” “Dominatrix – Nahanni Johnstone,” and “Old Man – Kenneth Wickes.” Now check that those 3 are listed in the full cast and crew listing on IMDB. If they match up you should be good to go – it’s very unlikely the same extras would be together in another episode.

Lost Girl – Season 2 is completely backwards. Be very careful because that means Episode 1 is the Season Finale! Start with the last episode and work your way forward. They are labelled improperly – the labels are the episodes they should be, but in reality they are backwards.

Season 2 – Backwards

And yes, we checked them all to make sure there wasn’t something out of order as well as backwards.

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