Good News Everyone! Final Futurama Season Added to Netflix

Thanks to Reddit, and to Topher556 for the title idea.

The 10th and final season of Futurama is up on Netflix Instant, and seems to be in order, though it’s only episodes 14-26 of Season 7 as listed by IMDB: You can find the rest listed as Season 9 by Netflix.

Be sure to check our order fixes for the previous seasons if you’re watching earlier seasons:

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Futurama – 7 Season Summary

It starts with episodes bleeding over into the next season, making you think you watched a season finale when you haven’t; then by Season 3 everything is out of order. Seasons 6 and 7 pull it back together, though the series finale isn’t available yet.

If you’re looking for 7-B, the last Futurama season, it may be coming around February, 2014 since 7-A was added in February, 2013. Or you can stream it on Amazon Instant Video with our fancy affiliate link to let them know we sent you: [Link]

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
Season 7

Futurama Seasons 1-7 stats:
67 Episodes In Order
47 Episodes Out of Order
12 Missing Episodes (in Season 5) (updated 11/8/2013)

Slightly better than Mythbusters!

Bonus! Here’s all the episodes visualized by IMDB rating:

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Futurama: Season 7

Like Season 6-A and B, Season 7-A is also in order, just listed on Netflix as season 9. Season 7-B is the final season in the series (though there have been calls to come back for a Season 8), and isn’t on Netflix yet. Read below for more info.

Season 7:
Part 1 (“Season 7-A”)
1-13 S9E1-13

Part 2 (“Season 7-B”, “Season 10“) is the final season of Futurama and isn’t on Netflix yet. Season 7-A was added in February, 2013, so it is possible that Season 7-B would be added some time around February, 2014. It is available on Amazon Instant Video though: [Link]

heh heh heh…

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Futurama: Season 6

Fortunately, with how messed up Seasons 3-5 were, Season 6 is in order. The Season is in 2 13-episode sections, which are listed on Netflix as season 7 and 8. These correspond to the Volume 5 and 6 DVDs.

Season 6:
Part 1 (“Season 6-A” “Futurama: Volume 5” DVD)
1-13 S7E1-13

Part 2 (“Season 6-B” “Futurama: Volume 6” DVD)
14-26 S8E1-13

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Futurama: Season 5

UPDATE: These episodes have been fixed by Netflix, Season 5 is all available as of 11/8/2013.

Season 5 aired 4 movies in 4 parts each on TV. Unfortunately, Netflix only shows the first of 4 parts of each of them (they were probably confused about there only being 4 ‘titles’ in the Season). The full movies are on Netflix, but are DVD-Only. If you watch one of these episodes, you will be left hanging with a major cliffhanger, and no 2nd-4th parts of each movie to watch!(update)

Season 5:
1-4 “Bender’s Big Score”
5-8 “The Best with a Billion Bucks” 
9-12 “Bender’s Game”
13-16 “Into the Wild Green Yonder”

Since it’s missing on Netflix, you can buy it on Amazon Instant Video by clicking this affiliate link to let them know we sent you: [link]

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