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Updated 2/28/2014: Looked into an issue in comments, still in order. See comments for details.
Updated 9/22/2014: Seasons 2-5 are In Order.

It’s been a while since we had a new out-of-order report from Netflix, but it was only a matter of time before a new report surfaced. When watching Season 1 of Fringe, don’t watch the last episode, it contains strange spoilers from Season 2, even though it doesn’t fit into Season 2 very well. It is important not to watch it where it is listed though, as there are spoilers.

Season 2-5: In Order
Season 1: 1-20, Don’t watch 21
Episode 21: watch it some time when you’re bored, it’s not very good and doesn’t fit anywhere in the continuity. From Wikipedia:

“Unearthed” was the last episode filmed during the first season schedule. Although it was filmed during the first season,[4] “Unearthed” aired during the following season on Monday, January 11, 2010, a departure from its normal timeslot on Thursdays.[5] Actor Joshua Jackson explained the move in April 2009, “[It’s] for boring reasons. They only had 22 airdates for our show this year, but they ordered 23 episodes, so we shot one for next year, which is just silly TV network stuff.

As always, check the left column for any shows you’re about to watch on Netflix to make sure you don’t stumble on spoilers, and report any out of order episodes you find in the comments.

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Fringe Season 5 was accidentally posted on Netflix Instant

Lots of people were left wondering what happened to the recently posted Fringe Season 5; well it turns out they had accidentally posted it before they had permission from the studios, and took it back down. We’re hoping they can officially post it very soon (they obviously have it ready to go).

Thanks to HookNorton and tapangalovesyou on Reddit for getting to the bottom of this.

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