Eureka Seasons 1-3 Removed from Netflix and Hulu, are Free with Prime

Update 4/27/2017: We’ve been getting more people looking for Eureka on Netflix, so we checked and unfortunately it’s not on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. It’s no longer free with any of the 3. The only options to watch it are to buy it on Amazon Video, buy a DVD , or wait for SyFy to upload a new season. In other words there’s no where good to stream it!

Update 5/19/2015: Dennis writes in the comments that Eureka is no longer free on Amazon Prime. Sorry for the confusion from this outdated information!

We have Amazon Prime and they charged me for watching season 1 ep. 1-4. I thought we did not need to pay but my wife said they charged us for the episodes. You will not get for free Eureka season 1-5 on Amazon Prime.

We previously posted that Seasons 1-4 were in order on Netflix, and that Season 5 had arrived. Well now Netflix has removed seasons 1-3 as of this morning, October 1st. Strangely, when you search for “Eureka” on Hulu, they’ve removed all traces of the show, even with Hulu Plus:

It’s very odd, and we can only assume that either Eureka was only licensed to both companies for a limited time, or they’re planning an exclusive somewhere else later. Or maybe someone paid more for the exclusive right to stream the show…

There is good news!

All episodes of Eureka are up for free on Amazon Instant Video if you have Amazon Prime. (see update above!) Simply go to Amazon to watch them free with Prime, $1.99 each without it, or $2.99 for HD.

Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5

We appreciate you taking our links in to show them that we sent you – even though the episodes are free and they won’t change the price on anything. Thanks!

Thanks to Anonymous and Anonymous for reporting it in the comments. Keep reporting anything you see missing or out of order in our anonymous-enabled comments, and we’ll often either figure out what happened or find somewhere to watch it.

Eureka Season 5 Comes to Netflix

We’ve gotten a whole lot of questions about where to watch Eureka Season 5 when it wasn’t on Netflix, but it looks like the day has finally come when it is available to stream – and this isn’t an April Fools Day joke!

Netflix – Eureka Season 5

It begins with “Do You See What I See?”, which IMDB lists as part of Season 4, but other than that is in order. Enjoy.

Thanks Anon for the tip.

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Eureka Season 5 on Hulu and Amazon

Update: Season 5 is now streaming on Neflix as of April 1st, 2013!

Lots of people are asking and searching for Eureka – Season 5. Unfortunately it’s not on Netflix, and only a trailing window of shows is available on Hulu without Hulu Plus.

If you do have Hulu Plus, you can watch the whole thing, otherwise there is currently 5 episodes available:

On Amazon Instant Video, all 5 seasons are available in HD for a cost: Eureka Season 5- Amazon Instant

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Eureka – Season 1-4: In Order

We’ve just re-checked most of the episodes in Eureka and all that we checked were in order. Let us know if you are having any problems with specific episodes on certain devices in the comments. Season 5 is not available on Netflix instant streaming, but it is available on Hulu. You only need Hulu Plus for the first 3 seasons, so between Netflix and Hulu you can watch every episode:

Important: Don’t read the comments on the Netflix page for this show, they contain major spoilers! Avoid any posts about this show in general that could ruin major plot elements, there are things you don’t want to know beforehand. NetflixFixer does not allow spoilers to be posted anywhere on the site.

12/14/12: Update in comments.

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