StrongVPN – Working again to Unblock US Netflix – March 2017

We’ve gotten word directly from StrongVPN (that’s our coupon code, explained below) that their service is working to connect to American Netflix again! That means if you’re anywhere outside the US, you can connect through a Strong server inside the US and stream shows/movies that are only available there. According to, there are currently 6,407 shows/movies on Netflix USA, and 5,089 on Netflix Canada.

(Updated 2/27) Verified working by CheckFlix:

You can use the desktop app (that’s what I do), browser plugin, iphone/ android apps, etc.; or you can set your router up for VPN (even just for the Netflix site), so whatever you use to watch from your home network including Smart TVs, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc. will work as well. Just follow the instructions on their Setup page.They’re currently running a deal for $2.91/month if you buy 12 months (41% off) instead of the usual $5/month. Get the coupon price through our code here:

We use it for more

I’ve been using StrongVPN ever since Netflix started cracking down on the various Smart DNS tools, not letting people get American Netflix by simply using an American DNS (though you get StrongDNS for free when you buy StrongVPN, in case they ever allow it again). Since then, I’ve realized I use it for a lot more than just streaming shows, but any time I don’t quite trust the site I’m on or don’t want tracked. For example, there are plenty of perfectly legal torrents that companies put out to cheaply distribute their software, but it’s definitely best to connect to any peer-to-peer network using a VPN for complete security (leave a comment if anyone is interested in my best practices there). The possibilities are endless though, as I’ve learned to buy airline tickets from cheaper locations (StrongDNS shines here, instantly switching countries), watch region-locked videos (especially on YouTube), and see what sites look like from different locations, for example:Via buzzfeed

It’s a great feeling to have complete control over where sites see you as coming from, and mask your home IP from any snooping organizations or cybercriminals. Now that we’re assured that StrongVPN is connecting to the American version of Netflix for everyone (they have both Los Angeles and New York options, we use LA), it’s time you check them out as well. There’s even a 5 day money back guarantee, so you can make sure it works. This is our partner link so they know we sent you and give you the deal:

American Netflix DNS Codes Roundup Pt.2

After lots of people asked us how they can connect to the shows we post about on the American version of Netflix, we started posting free DNS codes for the US (DNS = Domain Name Server, which tells your computer that “” is actually at “”. Well these DNS codes let you look up where “” is, but made it look like someone in America was asking.)

Unfortunately, Netflix started blocking DNS address to access the US version from outside the US. When posted new codes that worked here, enough people would connect through them that Netflix would shut them down quickly. This has led to trouble using many DNS services, including ones that we previously recommended as well as the codes below. That’s why we are personally switching to VPN (Virtual Private Networks) – which actually stream Netflix through the connection instead of just changing your geo-location. You can read all about why we switched to StrongVPN here, and if you want to check them out for yourself, we would appreciate if you let them know we sent you by using this coupon code for 15% off. They have the added benefit of giving you the security of masking all your traffic from anyone that might be snooping.

We will keep updating our free codes as we find them, so keep commenting (you can post anonymously below) about what’s working for you . Also make sure that you don’t sign in to Netflix in your home country before trying various American DNS codes, as it will be obvious that you’re not actually in both locations. In fact, try not to connect from any two places faster than someone could have traveled that far, or it becomes easy for Netflix to detect region-switching. Good luck, and keep commenting.

Last 5 codes reported working [October 4, 2016]:
EU = Europe, CA = Canada, ME = Middle East, SA = South America, JP = Japan, AU = Australia

Primary: Secondary: – re-reported 10/04 – CAthanks reddit
Primary: Secondary: – tested 9/12
Primary: Secondary: – tested 9/12
Primary: Secondary: – reported working 5/31 – CAthanks anon “Canada ones were working 5/18 but got nuked as of 5/19” – thanks Sean
Primary: Secondary: – reported working 5/17 – CA, AU

If you want to search around some more, check the comments below (click “newest”). Thousands of people have posted in the comments, which allow you to post anonymously; so if there are any working DNS addresses they’re probably in there. You can also try sites like, where people are also discussing how to connect.

Inputting these codes on each device is different, but you can do a simple search for “change DNS server on [device name]”. Generally, there is a setting to not obtain DNS addresses automatically where you can put the Primary and Secondary addresses in manually. You may need to restart the device, and make sure you don’t connect from two locations too soon or they’ll know you’re geo-switching!

Finally, if you’re sick of inputting codes that Netflix shuts down, click here to find out how we connect via VPN.

Updated DNS codes for US Netflix

UPDATE: After 636 comments, we’re moving this thread over here so you can read the new comments as people get working DNS codes:

UPDATE 2:If you don’t like constantly finding DNS servers that go out because they’re free and thousands of people are connecting through them, we now support Unblock-Us which always works to connect to American Netflix for $4.99/month. We’d appreciate if you use our affiliate link to show them we sent you: [link]

DNS codes to connect to American Netflix from outside the US (for things like troops serving in the US military) changed multiple times over the past few months, but here are updated ones:




Old code:

Update Feb 18, 2014: Many people are saying that all codes have stopped working in the UK. {“”, “”} has been reported as working in Canada. If you have a working UK code, please post it anonymously in the comments below.

Update Feb 3, 2014: Anonymous posted some to try for anyone for whom these aren’t working:

try these:
Primary: Secondary: <- reported working in Canada, 2/17/14
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:
Primary: Secondary:

Older Updates:

  • Update Jan 8, 2014: Thanks to the commenters for the new working code listed above, it is listed as working by quite a few people.
  • Update Jan 5,2014: We’re getting some reports that the above codes aren’t working for some people this morning. There are also reports that people are having issues streaming at all, so the site may be having issues overall.
  • Update Dec 26,2013: The main “111.24” codes have been reported in the past few days as working in Canada and the UK. You can comment anonymously, so let us know what works for you.
  • Update Nov 19,2013: Checked the below code for Canada, still working via MediaHint. The old code was just also reported to be working in the UK.
  • Update Oct 19,2013: Kevin24 in the comments gives this DNS that is working for some people, try it out:
  • Update Oct 8, 2013: The old codes are still reported as working for some users, though if they don’t work for you, read through the comments below for more. If they work/don’t work for you, you can post anonymously to help others get working codes.