Burn Notice – 5 Seasons: In Order

Update: Burn Notice is still showing up out of order for people not watching on a PC, thanks anon for keeping us updated. If you are on something other than a PC, you may want to watch on Amazon Instant to save yourself from spoilers: Burn Notice – Season 5 – please use this referral link to let them know we sent you.

On August 18, 2012, Burn Notice was reported for fixing by Anonymous. We have finished checking all 5 seasons on the Netflix stream and they are all correct but they were reported to be out of order Streaming on a Samsung blueray player. Be very careful before watching Burn Notice, and check the Wikipedia entries to make sure that you don’t watch the season endings as Episode 3 and 4 as reported. Hopefully they won’t be mislabeled on your device, but on computer streaming through a browser all episodes are in order.

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