Netflix to Further Boost Original Programming – No Firefly Though

Wired and Deadline have both just written articles after Netflix’ Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos talked about the future of the company at this morning’s investor conference call. Most importantly, he said that they would be boosting the 5% of current revenues that go toward creating new shows “to 10%, to 12%, to 15% over the next couple of years.”

While this is great news for cord cutters and fans of original programming, he said that Firefly fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. While Arrested Development grew in numbers as people discovered it on Netflix, he thinks the number that would watch a continuation of Firefly would be “fewer than the 6M who watched it.” He probably has backed this up by looking at Netflix’ own data regarding how many new people watch each show.

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Arrested Development S4 on Netflix Today – A Cast Primer

Arrested Development Season 4 comes to Netflix exclusively today, in another huge win for the service. If you haven’t been following the show, or have forgotten anything, O Canada has a great primer for the series up to now, featuring statements from the cast themselves:

And for Season 4 on Netflix itself, here’s the link:

And remember, there are ways around the country restrictions if you’re not in the US.

Update: If you see watermarks, it’s probably part of a joke in the show, you’re not seeing a stolen copy on Netflix. Variety

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List of fake Arrested Development movies on Netflix

Many people have seen some odd shows that popped up on Netflix Instant, wondering what’s going on with the cast of Arrested Development in weird movies and shows. They are actually tie-ins with the show, and link to the appropriate place in an Arrested Development episode where a commercial or show tie-in aired. Arrested Development’s new season is coming to Netflix in 2013, but until then, enjoy these fake movie/show tie-ins:

Families with Low Self Esteem
Les Cousins Dangereux
World’s Worst Drivers
Mock Trial with J. Reinhold
Girls with Low Self Esteem
Caged Wisdom: Musings from Prison

Watch them all if you’re a true fan!

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