Black Friday for #Cordcutters

The turkey’s in our bellies (it’s an American thing…), so that means it’s Black Friday again and we thought we’d do a quick rundown of the best stuff for sale for your cordcutting needs. We shop online of course, we’re not savages. There are some surprisingly good deals on hardware this year, even if streaming devices are a bit limited.

Amazon is having a sale on Crucial memory, which includes a 750GB solid state hard drive! If you do your content watching on a computer, you’ll be amazed at how fast your computer becomes with an SSD handling your operating system so that a slower, larger drive can handle your files. With 750GB you can even store some files on it that you want super fast access to. They also have 40% off USB sticks if you want to plug something to watch into your TV directly.

UPDATE: As the day goes on, Amazon had updated their #1 value pick as this TCL Roku TV, $184.50 for a 720p 32-inch (maybe for a spare room?), $239.99 for a 1080p 40-inch, $399 for a 50-inch 1080p. Seems like a good deal if the TV holds up – and if it doesn’t, Amazon returns usually do.

Speaking of TV’s, check out ZDNET’s article about choosing a good TV this Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), it can save you a headache.

It wouldn’t be Black Friday without an amazing TV deal, and this year is no different. A 43-inch 4K TV for $200! Always beware of these cheap brands during the holidays, as it might not last, but if you need a 4K upgrade and can’t afford name brand this sounds like an amazing deal.

You can also expect that Amazon would have a nice deal on their own Fire TV sticks, which they do. This newer version is much faster than the older ones, and comes with the voice remote. We watch a lot of streams on ours with no problems.

Ever watch Netflix in the bath? You really should, and with a good quality speaker. I actually love mine when something good is on

There’s a bunch more like Deadpool on DVD for $3.96, Finding Dory on Blueray for $10, and a Kindle Paperwhite for $100; but they’re time-limited, so it’s best if you just go to the Amazon Gold Box Deals page and follow the updates.

0jc-000d-003z3-02Also check out Newegg’s deals, including an Ultra-wide 43-inch 21:9 monitor for $350 instead of $800, or if you’re looking for speed, $150 off a 144hz 27″ 1440p monitor here. Happy shopping!

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