Archer – Season 5, “Archer Vice” Now Streaming

Reviews are great, episodes are in order, and it’s finally ready to watch on Netflix: Archer, Season 5 – “Archer Vice”

Thanks /r/Netflix Redditor helrazr for posting, and everyone in that thread for saying it’s so good.
It’s also available on Amazon Instant with Prime, if you prefer that. On Hulu, they have Season 5 with Hulu+, and parts of Season 6 “through participating TV Providers” – so not for cordcutters.
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2 thoughts on “Archer – Season 5, “Archer Vice” Now Streaming”

  1. Season 5 is not in the correct order on Netflix.

    The Episode entitled “Archer Vice: Baby Shower” is at Episode 9 on Netflix. I can’t find any reason for this, except for the possible fact that that the production code for the episode is XAR05009.

    “Archer Vice: Baby Shower” aired as the 6th episode of Season 5, which is where it makes the most sense, before Archer, Cyril, and Ray go to South America (Episode 6 through 8 on Netflix), introducing the connection to Calderon in the Palace Intrigue episodes (beginning in Episode 10).

    Basically, the ideal order for Season 5 would be Episodes 1-5, 9, 6-8, 10-13.

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