American Netflix DNS Codes Roundup Pt.2

After lots of people asked us how they can connect to the shows we post about on the American version of Netflix, we started posting free DNS codes for the US (DNS = Domain Name Server, which tells your computer that “” is actually at “”. Well these DNS codes let you look up where “” is, but made it look like someone in America was asking.)

Unfortunately, Netflix started blocking DNS address to access the US version from outside the US. When posted new codes that worked here, enough people would connect through them that Netflix would shut them down quickly. This has led to trouble using many DNS services, including ones that we previously recommended as well as the codes below. That’s why we are personally switching to VPN (Virtual Private Networks) – which actually stream Netflix through the connection instead of just changing your geo-location. You can read all about why we switched to StrongVPN here, and if you want to check them out for yourself, we would appreciate if you let them know we sent you by using this coupon code for 15% off. They have the added benefit of giving you the security of masking all your traffic from anyone that might be snooping.

We will keep updating our free codes as we find them, so keep commenting (you can post anonymously below) about what’s working for you . Also make sure that you don’t sign in to Netflix in your home country before trying various American DNS codes, as it will be obvious that you’re not actually in both locations. In fact, try not to connect from any two places faster than someone could have traveled that far, or it becomes easy for Netflix to detect region-switching. Good luck, and keep commenting.

Last 5 codes reported working [October 4, 2016]:
EU = Europe, CA = Canada, ME = Middle East, SA = South America, JP = Japan, AU = Australia

Primary: Secondary: – re-reported 10/04 – CAthanks reddit
Primary: Secondary: – tested 9/12
Primary: Secondary: – tested 9/12
Primary: Secondary: – reported working 5/31 – CAthanks anon “Canada ones were working 5/18 but got nuked as of 5/19” – thanks Sean
Primary: Secondary: – reported working 5/17 – CA, AU

If you want to search around some more, check the comments below (click “newest”). Thousands of people have posted in the comments, which allow you to post anonymously; so if there are any working DNS addresses they’re probably in there. You can also try sites like, where people are also discussing how to connect.

Inputting these codes on each device is different, but you can do a simple search for “change DNS server on [device name]”. Generally, there is a setting to not obtain DNS addresses automatically where you can put the Primary and Secondary addresses in manually. You may need to restart the device, and make sure you don’t connect from two locations too soon or they’ll know you’re geo-switching!

Finally, if you’re sick of inputting codes that Netflix shuts down, click here to find out how we connect via VPN.

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1,128 thoughts on “American Netflix DNS Codes Roundup Pt.2”

  1. I like in the Caribbean… I use and it Work but once I'm on Netflix a message comes up bout using a US proxy and not allowing me to watch nothing… how can this be solve?

  2. Xbox blocks ALL DNS codes. It is the server that stops you, Xbox does NOT allow DNS Codes to be changed for Netflix.

  3. Unfortunately, Netflix isn't the problem. Their content licenses are different in different areas. For example Sons of Anarchy is available in Canada on Shomi, as they have the rights in Canada, not Netflix.

  4. Same, i can view US library, but when loaded to 25%, im blocked. i believe all Canadians should unsubscribe Netflix until we get the same content as the US, so we dont have to use proxy anymore. this is ridiculous

  5. Able to access shows but certain shows I get a screen saying they have detected I'm using a proxy and ask me to remove it to access program.

  6. Mine worked until Friday, March 18th and now nothing. I can get the content to show up but when you try to access it, my apple tv flashes and it reverts to the home screen.

  7. none work in canada anymore. seeing as netflix "made it their goal" to make sure canadians cant watch what americans can, i think its safe to say no other codes will work. good to know that canadians watching movies and tv shows shown in america is right up there on the threat list…. go fuck yourself netflix

  8. In Ireland, can't access it through any code..

    Keeps saying may not be connected to internet GRRRR

    Any help much appreciated

  9. I'm in Canada and most of these didn't work. I did however get the second code to work, but it will only play the movies and shows that are on Canadian netflix as well. When I try to watch something that is only on American, it says I am using a proxy server. Just thought I'd let people know. This happened on March 5th, 2016

  10. I can't get anything to work and have been trying everything…..had one for about 2 hours tonight now nothing…..

  11. Not working in Ireland anymore. Sucks. Keep getting the "You seem to be using an Unblocker or Proxy." Message. Anyone got any fixes?

  12. no codes at all working in nova scotia . I even tried "unblock-us" no good so I guess my netflix account will soon be closed down

  13. Thanks for posting the DNS codes.

    Sad to report that trusty old has stopped working in BC on SHAW on my AppleTV.

  14. I'm in New Zealand and looking for a DNS code for US. Netflix. All of the above ones mentioned are not working.
    Thank you

  15. Hey.

    Primary DNS :
    Secondary DNS :

    Is working on my XBox 360 in the south-east of England.

    Thanks for this!

  16. These 2 work for me so far

    Primary DNS :
    Secondary DNS :

    Primary DNS :
    Secondary DNS :

  17. Have been using for several months with no problem (in Canada and in South Korea) until today 🙁
    I have also been starting to get the Viper DNS ads, which I think was the key to finally getting kicked out of the DNS by Netflix. Today I must have tried at least 30 different codes from various sources and nothing has worked. Any codes you think may work now?

  18. So far I have found a way to get rid of the viperdns is to keep changing the DNS code.
    If anyone has better solutions, please comment.

    All of Netflix subscribers should send messages to Netflix to request fixing the problem of viperdns.

    This viperdns should be eliminated.

  19. What an earth is this viperdns???
    How is that possible NetFlix let the viperdns get in the prgramm???
    Is anyone know how to get rid of viperdns????
    Please help, help!!!
    This viperdns is very nuissance.


  20. I was using for a while without issues. I now get ViperDNS image where the movie images should be. Can still watch, just not as nice.

  21. Yeah, just came home to see Netflix with these viperdns images instead of the programme images, I had been using the same DNS for several months too, since the last time when a similkasr thing happened with some other DNS switching company appeared. Haven't had a chance to try any newer dns yet. You can still watch episodes of
    series that you started watching before though

  22. Why is my Netflix menu covered in ads?? What happened? Anyone else have this? Is there any way to get rid of them?

  23. was solid for months. Now doesn't work.
    Can't get any codes to work on a Xbox One and BT 🙁

  24. Primary: Secondary: are working in Manitoba, Canada for US Netflix as of May 15, 2015

  25. Here you have some new codes. I have not been here for some months, but I see you are still struggeling. I will not give out my code since it has been working for at least 5-6 months now. Like I have said before, someone is monetoring this site and blocking the codes.
    Try these 🙂
    Primary: or
    Secondary: or

  26. Primary and secondary working on my PS3 in Scotland not so sure about peak times tho as its 10.30am here atm and prob not peak time in the U.S,Thanks

  27. I dont know about you guys but im running a ps3 in canada with primary: and secondary: dns but i can log in but i get stuck at about 91%-99% buffered but it wont load anything, my guess is netflix has finally started blocking methods so im just wondering if anyone has this problem or if its simple and the dns doesnt work anymore

  28. Netflix US working from near Ottawa on Bell Canada DSL using, been working for a few days on iPhone 5 and Apple TV.

  29. 195.195 worked for me until about a week ago. Now, no Code I have tried has worked, and I have tried a stupid amount of the codes over the last week, on both Apple TV and PS3. I'm on the UK, trying to get US netflix.

  30. Primary: Secondary:
    These worked until today Nov 16th 2014. Toronto, Ontario, canada. PS3 and Computer systems.

  31. Checked these today:
    Primary: Secondary:
    Primary: Secondary:
    These seem to work fine from Europe for US netflix

    Primary: Secondary:
    Seems to work fine from Europe for GB netflix

    Primary: Secondary
    Primary: Secondary:
    redirects me to smartproxy

    I'd check more DNSs but need to get some work done to 😉

  32. You guys used to have a link to another site that also has codes, I don't know if it was run by you or not but I was wondering what the link was as I can't find it.

  33. Anyone have the codes for UK & Ireland?

    Can't find anywhere and mine went dead 2 days ago.

    Is there any way to setup a private forum away from playmotv greedy eyes???

  34. I've had the same codes for a year in the uk and told no one them and then someone else posted them on here and now playmo has taken over them, someone is ratting out the codes for sure

  35. My code is still working. I have had this code for 5 weeks now. There is a rat problem on this site. That is why youre codes aren't working. I have one code that i kept to myself and it is still active…

  36. This really sucks now is there any code that is gonna work I get these codes to work only for like 10 mins at least tops.
    I really want to watch Us Netflix 🙁

  37. This the last codes I will post.
    I have not tried them myself since my 3 week old code still work. Tell me if these codes work and when they stop working. Then I will see if I will continue to provide my findings.


  38. I have a code I have had now for 2 weeks. I did not put out this code as a test, since all my other codes stopped working after I put them out. We have a rat problem people…

  39. @CaR

    Ever since the issue first appeared, there's been long periods of time where no codes seemed to be working but it always got back to normal eventually. The only thing important to remember is to never subscribe to their services to make sure their scam is never rewarded.

  40. Like I said earlier it's over.
    I think they completely blocked of Netflix for DNS codes and other services have taken those codes for themselves.

  41. This is it it's all over none of these codes really work now.
    It really sucks that it's hard to get the American Netflix now.

  42. Yeah, I'm trying the most attested codes on my PS4- they aren't working. Looks like they've swapped them as of the last couple of days again.

  43. American DSN codes working last night on a PS4 over in Scotland. Go to watch it today & not working.. Anyone got any working codes for it? Cheers

  44. Any upto date codes as of today? Was getting films fine last night on my ps3 but think they're changing codes often.

  45. I found these codes and so far it's been great.
    Working on Venezuela.

  46. 109:74:12:20

    I entered these codes then tried to sign into Netflix. It didn't work. So I turned my device off and on again…it worked! (UK)

  47. When I enter a code and go onto Netflix, I get redirected to and am required ot sign up, please help? is this normal?

  48. ok, so i really need a working code, that allows me to watch netflix in Norway, with Us programs, i have been trying for so long, im looking for codes for ipad!

  49. Got problem here on ps4 in uk. Every times play then end up pop up not working. Any idea and any new code yet? Please thank you

  50. question: if I'm setting this up and I have to select "Wired Setup" in order to change my internet settings and enter the DNS codes provided, do I actually have to be wired to my modem?

  51. So I can log into US Netflix on my PS3, but all of a sudden it's telling me I have to choose another show, because it's not available in my region.

    Anyone else? Or know of a fix?

  52. I just thought I would say that today (June 10th) that these codes worked in Manitoba, Canada on my Xbox.

  53. Does any one have a working UK code? All the ones that have recently been mentioned either don't work for me or are over flowing with playmo.

  54. So this afternoon my Netflix had a msg that I shud check out ther help page,i had the 162:243.65.31/0:0:0:0,looked on. This page that I am so grateful 4 and tried 109:74:12:20/213:5:182:117 and it works,yippee .Windsor,Berks,UK

  55. It's stops trying to work at peak hours in Ontario Canada like around 2am , but most of the time it has been working.

  56. I've been having issues for almost a week now. I'm in Ontario, Canada and use a PS4. After a few frustrating days I decided to uninstall/reinstall Netflix and it works perfectly now with the above codes. Hope this works for you

  57. Two questions.
    1. I am connecting to netflix via apple tv. It has dns in sets of three numbers. How do i try some of these codes if there are only two numbers in a set? Eg the above code Do i use 024or 240 for the last set of three or does it just not work with the app,e tv access ?

    2. Re: The unblock option for $4.99 per month. Is it available to use through apple tv or only through a computer ? I realize i have to order it onlune via a ipad or laptop. But not sure how it will transfer over to my apple tv?

  58. no longer working in Ontario, Canada on my PS4. Keeps saying "We're having trouble playing this title now. Please try again later."

  59. Using om appleTV. It says logg on Playmo, however I keep pressing "play" and it will play the films.

  60. Has the PS3 blocked this or something, I tried 30+ DNS codes today and was unable to connect to the internet with any. From Ontario, Canada here. I am dying for the US netflix. Over 2 hours spent looking and nothing.

  61. Every single code is either not letting me connect at all or stays as the Canadian version. I have used a code that is still listed as working and that won't do anything now either.

  62. I had a lovely conversation with a couple of Netflix representatives yesterday and one of them told me that they had heard about the issue, thanks to Kevin24, and that they hadn't gotten any updates on the situation. So they are now aware that playmo is continuing to be an issue. Hopefully the situation gets cleared up soon.

  63. None of these are working for me here in the UK…just the stream/play no boxes appear and films get stuck on buffer 25% 🙁

  64. 21.05 BST, London UK, RE: the above, Primary: Secondary: now working, PSN working again

  65. 9.46am, BST, London UK Getting the StreamTV boxes on Primary:
    and PSN failure for

  66. Primary: Secondary:

    Works in the UK, not sure about peak times though 🙂

  67. last code on the last reported working at the top works brings up playmo tv instead of film covers but still load and play fine 🙂 from scotland ✌

  68. I tried the last three codes posted in the comments, I get into Netflix, I see all the movies and shows, but when I try to stream one I get the message:

    "This title is not available to watch instantly. Please try another title".

    I'm in Montreal, Canada.
    Been without my US. Netflix since April 26th

    Anyone have working codes, or is this message due to another problem?

  69. "Primary: Secondary: – Mexico, UK – 4/22"
    Seems to work Fine in Sweden without the crap. 🙂 /Mattias N

  70. Nothing working on ipad mini in Southern Alberta =(. Been out of American netflix since the 27th of April and still have not found a working code =(

  71. Anyone getting the error code "X7111-1331-5067 This title is not available in your current region (). Please select a different title"?
    Trying to watch Season 4 of Archer.

  72. Yes, that ^^^ happened to me, too, I went onto the help center and it says they're having trouble playing content on all devices. It better get fixed cause I'm half way through Revenge…

    Back to topic, the 69.42 code is working for me on PS3, Chile. Crossing fingers so it doesn't get hijacked, too.

  73. Anyone else's Netflix changed so it will only let you find a season, for example, Greys Anatomy season 8, then when you try to watch it, it comes up as "not available to stream on instant"
    Asking from Wales, UK

  74. 162,243,65.31
    This one has worked in Manchester, UK for the last month, however every so often it will stop working for roughly 24-48hrs, no other codes will work in its place, then this will suddenly start working again!!

    No Playmo. Just Netflix!

    Stick with it if it acts up, it will be back again in a day or two! 😀

  75. Just tried the above UK codes on my Canadian laptop… is from a proxy dns service you have to pay for. Needs a password. 🙁

  76. hey everyone!I am from ontario, I have working DNS codes


    no BS hope this helps out anyone in Ontario! its working for me right now.

  77. Updated:
    These point to the slimy Playmo servers so I assume they won't work for long.

    This code does not currently work in the UK

    This code has stopped working, but it seems to do this every month at this time for a couple of days.

    Could people try and STOP posting Playmo Codes, they may work for a day or two but it's a scam to suck you into paying their ludicrous fees. It makes it much harder for people to find valid codes.

    I suspect that Playmo themselves are poisoning this blog with anonymous reports.

  78. & works in Montreal, Canada. My other codes stopped working yesterday.

    Despite the appearance of homophobic trolls, that site is still very useful.

  79. I'm in the uk and trying to access with an American dns code and get the playmo subscribe issue. Doesn't anyone have an email address for netflix? I can't use their chat function on an ipad. Thanks.

  80. I want kevin24 to write more erotic fantasy fan fiction about conversations with Netflix employees. Do you think his kids know he's gay?

    I can tell you all….that conversation never happened.

  81. Does anyone think this thread may have been hacked? :L
    It seems the codes reported as working all come up with's Whoops!
    It's really pissing me off now, I just wanna watch some decent US Netflix…

  82. None of these IPs work in Vancouver, Canada unfortunately. If you've got one working in Vancouver, let us know!

  83. It's not Netflix that restricts the shws, I think it has to do with gov regulations regrding local content etc…

    Anyways, nothing working in Montreal Canada tonight. Keeps going to
    Maybe Someone should hack these A-holes and give them a taste of their own medicine lol

    Anyone know of working codes?

  84. All they have to do is give every country the exact same shows so we wouldn't have to change codes all the time

  85. Ahhhh!!! I'm trying to use Netflix right now with the DNS and it keeps saying I'm using a server and have to visit!!! I don't know who the hell these playmo fuckers are, but they need to fuck off!!!

  86. I am US military stationed in Germany and just tried to connect to Netflix using one of the DNS servers. Netflix came up but was hijacked by!! I read the comment from March 31st about Netflix fixing this, but apparently they're being hacked again!

  87. Is there any DNS codes that are working for Vancouver Canada today?? been trying out lots of different ones and none I have tried have been working! PLEASE HELP!!

  88. Lou Ryry,
    The codes you have take me to in Canada …

    For the first time ever, no code is working for me in Montreal Canada.

    Van somebody please help?

  89. Primary Secondary is working but won't allow you to sign into the Playstation Network. None of the others work. I'm in the UK

  90. Hey not exactly what I wanted to do but kinda running out of options. Went to and signed up for 3 months for $10. Figured if it sucked im only out 10 bucks. So far it works great and they dont seem as sleezy as ill probably just sign up for the year after my 3 months is up so I dont have to keep fucking with trying to find working dns codes.

  91. Primary: Secondary: – They work here for me in Manchester UK – But now it won't let me log onto the PS Network, dunno what that's about?

  92. Guys, I'm having some trouble with my ps3 (UK) codes used to work fine. But now any time I manually change DNS, it refuses to sign me into PlayStation network. Anybody know what that's all about, or even better, know a workaround?

  93. playmo has comments on their page disabled so no one can see anything anyone else writes unless you comment on one of their posts.

    I can't get anything to work as everything is playmo right now. Friggen bastards.

  94. I went to playmo's Facebook page and told them how much we all hate them….I felt better afterwards. Didn't get me anywhere though. Lol

  95. Not sure what's going on with everyone with this business. I watch Netflix using the Wii U app and have never seen any pictures being replaced. Are you all seeing the effects of spyware or something..? Just a thought.

  96. tried almost all of these codes last night that said working in the uk – none of them worked, either went to or ust wouldn't connect at all

  97. Tried every code on the list and none are currently working on Apple TV in Canada. I was using since mid-february but it stopped working this afternoon. Any one with good codes please update! Thanks!

  98. Primary Secondary
    they do not work it replaces all pictures with an advert for a website called playmo so anyone who says those dns codes work probably work for the playmo website or were hired by them to say they do work

    Codes at the top of the list result in all Movie thumbnails being replaced by an add for a website. Lame, very lame

  100. Primary Secondary worked for me in Vancouver, Canada. The other settings immediately above that on the page lead to playmo.

  101. Thanks first one works! I found one, but it literally only worked for 2 hours and then playmo! The secondary was the one that first stopped working for me. I keep saving them, cause out no where sometimes they work again.

  102. stopped working today in Germany. Getting so sick and tired of this crap. Now to play the enter new code and cross your fingers game!

  103. Why isn't the latest comment at the top rather than the oldest? This takes far too long on mobile to load all comments just to get to the newest, sort it out for fuck sake

  104. Primary: Secondary: works but for some reason only plays Netflix and none other video services, good but kinda annoying

  105. I see Playmo.TV has popped back up on, seems to be OK for the moment. I'll try more stuff later and may have to pursue with Netflix to shut these guys down. Do not give your credit card, they do not look legit. If you want trouble free access on any device including routers, game boxes, etc this company offers DNS service for $5 / month with a free trial. They look a lot to be a decent alternative Later Kevin24

  106. Nothing seems to be working on the Apple TV (3) here in the UK. Anyone who has info with regards to this Playmo crap, can you please post? When will this be sorted? I'll cancel my subscription if I can't access US Netflix, the UK version is so poor in comparison. Such a shame.

  107. Just used the—–213.5182.117
    Codes in the uk belfast (ireland) and theyre working fine on my xbox one.

  108. Thanks so much to Kevin24! is working in the UK – didn't even have to uninstall/ reinstall Netflix. Thanks for that 🙂

  109. I am in the UK and was using the, code which was working fine until this afternoon when I'm now getting this message where the pictures of film/TV covers usually are on Netflix: Whoops! You are currently using the playmoTV DNS servers. Please visit for further info. It's asking me to pay to access the server… So yeah, it doesn't work anymore!


    No longer good in the UK

    Just became assimilated by while I was watching something. Not appreciated.

  111. These do not work. I get send to a web site ProxyDNS and asked for passcodes.

    Primary: Secondary:

  112. Are there any Canadian DNS codes available.
    I'm in the UK and I want to watch movies (Life of pi, Conan etc.) which are not available in the USA/UK Netflix yet.

  113. everyone needs to stop posting that Secondary: is working, it may work for a day but when it's next used it will for ALL users show up with the

    fair enough if you decide to use that code but stop posting that it works in the forum because its virtually a dead code anyway.

  114. Primary: Secondary:
    was working for me on ATV3 last night, although slow loading, but today, just sits there loading, nothing happening!

  115. Everything still good as far as I know. Myself and several friends in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada surrounding area are all working fine. Anyone struggling may want to read my posts from June 2013 where I did a deep dive on how DNS codes can work in some regions and not in others. A code was good at a friends place in Ontario Canada but not at my house 5 Km away. The reverse was true when I found a working DNS for my home it did not work at their location. There's not much you can do about it except keep trying alternate codes and make sure you do a restart after entering a new DNS code. If anyone wants help please add a name to your post not anonymous.

  116. is also takenover by the f#####g! i can't get on hulu on my ipad. Apple tv still working. i'm from europe Rotterdam, holland. still works.
    date april 6

  117. Nothing seems to be working for my Apple TV in Ont, Canada. I either get the link or a netflix error "this title is not available to watch instantly. Please try another title"

    Any suggestions? My time may be better spent getting a law degree to open open the copyright issues!

  118. Thanks Kevin24, on March 29th I got a message "The DNS you are using to stream the US Netflix will be shutting down soon" I tried all the dns ip suggested and could not get connected. so I thought Netflix was blocking this. I am going to go back and try the DNS again.

  119. Thanks for looking into this Kevin.
    this DNS works for me

    I have not tried this one:

    These point to the slimy Playmo servers so I assume they won't work for long.

  120. If I am not mistaken, I believe on Apple TV you can put a comma and a space after the first DNS entry, then put in the second to give you the primary and secondary DNS addresses.

  121. I use Apple TV guys, which only uses one DNS, actually the dual DNS devices only need one good DNS so I have heard. make sure you enter the zero's corect. I have been told my Apple like a RESTART (not reset) after entering a new DNS and it does seem to pop between screens a lot quicker. Give it a try and see if the DNS works. Do not hit reset or you wipe all your info and have to re-enter everything.

  122. It seems like Canada and many locations are back to normal while some locations in the UK and Europe are still having issues with I have no idea where originates and how far Netflix reached out to shut them down. If they operate like Solmalli pirates with little government Netflix may have trouble? I suggest those of you still experiencing issues with contact netflix in your region and see if they can shut them down. Just review my approach above and see if we can get rid of these pirates. Note; I did provide a work around using a VPN from your laptop a day or two back but it won't help people using set top units like Apple TV, Play Station etc. Best I can do guys, you are on your own on the other side of the pond.

  123. Having issues with playmotv still on the first few dns however

    Primary: Secondary: –
    Works UK 1/4/14 on ps3

  124. Yup, just tried the top DNS from the front page and netflix started working right away. No playmo pics or anything.


  125. Just so paople do not have to go back a screen here is the code update. The following codes all work, life is good again. Enjoy. Kevin24 still good so I imagine any other working codes from March are good again.
    I think I ticked off some pirates yesterday? Tough

  126. March 30 Conversation between Kevin24 and Netflix concerning
    Netflix has wiped out Playmo in less than 24 hours. Way to go Netflix.


    What is your question ?

    Many people were using various DSN codes to watch country specific Netflix, let's not worry about it being legal. This past week a company calling itself has high jacked or blocked these servers and wants people to pay them for access. Does this have any link to Netflix

    hmm that is so strange, we certainly do not have any business going on with these companies as we do not approve of it.

    I am concerned because they appear to be a scam / pirate organization attempting to solict Netflix customers for their credit card info.

    Wow that is so crazy!

    We certainly do not work with these companies , as we know that it is an illegal action and we do not promote our customers to go out of the Netflix Expectations 🙂

    I raise this concern because I am in Canada and was able to toggle between Netflix Canada and USA just by changing my DSN number. The same was true for people around the world such as US military serving overseas. Now a message pops up saying you are using the servers and they want money to provide server access. I am afraid Netflix will be getting complaints that these pirates did illegal activities with credit cards and it looks like Netflix is part of the scam

    Gotcha, I completely understand where you are coming from … Thank you for taking time out of your day and letting us know. We take this very seriously and I will be reporting it to the correct people, and take a look at it on our end so that we do not have any feature concerns.

    Cool, I hate internet scammers. Watching a different country by legit Netflix subscriber is a grey area but this organization smells dirty just looking to collect credit cards. Let"s face it we can watch other coutries legit by purchasing proxy server or VPN access legally

    I totally know how you feel , I hate them as well! indeed it sounds very fishy , and yeah! That is true, however that will be up to the Customer , Even if you did do this we will not go after you.

    I suggest Netflix send an email to customers worldwide for a heads up on this soliciting credit card info for access to Netflix USA

    Sure! I will certainly let them know that you would like this to happen , And that is a great suggestion , I love it! I will not hesitate to let them know.

    I am signing off. you have my account info if your legal or technical department needs anymore info. Kevin

    Okay great! I will make sure they know that they can get in touch with you if they need to . You are very welcome, it was a pleasure helping you today 🙂 please take care and have a Great Rest of your day Kevin!

  127. Everything is back to normal. appears to be history.
    Yesterday I contacted Netflix and explained that some pirates had hijacked all the servers people were using to access Netflix USA, especially US military personnel around the globe. Netflix became very interested when they were informed these pirates were soliciting peoples credit cards via Netflix. Netflix wanted no part of people being scammed for credit card info on their behalf. Also Netflix does not care who watches other countries as long as they are paying customers but they can not legally endorse it.

    I just tried the following codes and they all work life is good again. Enjoy. Kevin24 still good so I imagine any other working codes from March are good again.

  128. The ip addresses stopped working a couple of days ago in the uk, they were working for months. According to twitter seem to belong to
    Another company like playmo but about half the price, possibly a little less slimy.
    Anybody found a new one, it not really worth paying almost the same price as netflix just for a dns.

  129. Avoid these, they are posted by playmo, which is one of the most expensive subscription only. services. sees to have stopped working, I think it also belongs to a subscription only service and they have just blocked non members.
    Anybody found a new one yet.
    I'm not interested in the playmo scam and their fake posts.

  130. Chicken little is alive and well. Don't work for playmo, which BTW pre-dates Netflix. I am sending them $5month and everything works always. Best part is I no longer have to troll retard blogs clogged with people spending dozens of hours trying to solve a $5 problem by any means other than throwing $5 at it. Same people that pirate windows thinking that will bring Microsoft to it's knees. Cheap cunts.

  131. To anonymous who wants to belittle Kevin 24 but not help. I only provided an interim solution for people and try to get them thinking plus I try and protect people from suspect websites wanting credit card info, for all we know you are part of which looks highly suspicious as a scammer blocking ip's in order to sell access? If you are I hope we are messing with your plan to acquire credit cards. Have a nice day

  132. Kevin24 only wants people who know what they're talking about to comment but he thinks playmo is a pirate site. Typical douchebag thinking people care if his idiot kids are happy. BTW IP addresses aren't "codes" or cheats. They're IP addresses …idiot. I've found several working IPs but I'll keep them to myself. Why would I want to share and clog the pipeline?

  133. People forget what you have been doing in the past. Changing DSN codes on your media device is not working anymore. These pirates at are hijacking or blocking the DSN codes and charging a ransom.
    We need a few technical people to get involved to virtually place our routers on an isp in the USA.
    Read my post above an expand on the idea.

  134. It appears this has hijacked all the DSN servers so it can charge a monthly fee for them? I am not even sure if is a legit company or pirate, I would avoid them at this time. I personally do not feel comfortable giving them a credit card.

    I have a very simple solution for toggling between Netflix USA and Canada (or other country) on the computer. I am working on the Apple TV.

    Here’s a work around for the interim

    I suggest you add these two websites to favourites on the computer then follow my instructions.

    Enter and it should pop back your country (Canada in my case) with your current ip address.
    Go to and grab the daily password (4 digit number mid page)
    Go to your network connections > add a connection and start the wizard
    Click the box for VPN to my business
    Enter in every box the connection wizard brings up such as user name
    At the end enter the 4 digit daily password in the last box for password
    Go back to and it will show you are in the USA.
    I am able to easily toggle between USA and Canadian Netflix on my main computer just by switching the VPN on or off.
    This is a bit of a pain because the VPN password changes daily but good work around for free.

    My problem is my Apple TV is still seeing Canada from my router.
    I verified with laptop and it was Canadian.
    I installed the on the laptop and it toggles fine now as well, my kid will be happy.

    So here’s my question
    How do I get my Apple TV to see the USA without paying playmo.TV or other services?
    I believe putting a VPN on my router will be too cumbersome.

    Please only contribute to this discussion if you actually have a clue what you are talking about.

    One other thing I am verifying for Apple users only, you can do the above set up on an ipad or Mac which I do not own yet and beam it to your Apple TV on the blue tooth.

  135. Does anyone know who this is or a location? Are they affiliated with Netflix? They look like pirates to me?

  136. Man I have been watching one show at a time and constantly switching DNS codes all day kind of a pain in the ass playmo can go fuck itself

  137. My netflix was working fine until 2 days ago…tried loads if different setting….any1 any ideas how to fix it?

  138. Primary:

    Working in Southern Alberta, Canada
    My boys got their Taratabong back!!! Yay

  139. is no longer working in Ontario, Canada. It was working for 5 months and just stopped working for me on Monday.

  140. The codes only seem to work for a day or two. Whats with that?? Any new codes since the weekend? The most recent isn't working anymore! 🙁

  141. Please remove these codes as they are switching to a subscription format for profit

  142. Grrr was using American Netflix for ages through the wii but all of a sudden its off will continue with the codes all you guys provide keep up the good work us netflix rules and im in the uk:-(

  143. Anyone got any dns codes working in uk ? Mine just stopped working as of 5.43am
    Was using

  144. I'm getting Playmo.TV adverts.However, every single show still works. UK march 25. code:

  145. It just seems like pay sites like playmo and streamhelp are buying up any servers that work and then trying to charge the same price as netflix or sometimes more just to use them.

  146. Code loads American Netflix up, but won't let me actually watch anything, eventuallt crashes, Netflix is becoming a joke.

  147. As of 810 pm UK time on PS3 the. Code are not working comes up. Bummer anyone got a new one?

  148. …and it stopped working after 3 episodes.

    Yes it showed playmo icons, but shows worked.

    Now nothing again. Grr.


    Are now not working in uk, it's now coming up with……. I don't get why I have to pay extra to watch something I've already paid for…..

    I really hope this gets sorted soon otherwise I will cancel netflix, the uk titles are pretty much from a 2nd hand rental shop compered to the US archive…..

  150. Anyone know how to alter sky router settings in uk to change dns? Using Xbox for netflix access. The sky setup does not appear to have a straight dns area. Only dynamic.

  151. For those of you using devices in the UKand getting the 25% hang up: none of the codes work when I try and put them individually into my ipad or my lg tv. I just get the 701 warning or the 25% hang up.
    I tried the same codes on my router settings (by logging in at using my internet router provider log in and password details) and changed my DNS AT&T he router settings. It worked a charm! Basically any device that logs into my wifi thinks it is now in American Netflix region. Saves time on doing each device individually and codes that weren't working do work on the router!
    I'm using
    In the UK.

  152. f'ing ridiculous

    the Canada code worked in the UK last night at the quickest I have EVER seen Netflix be

    and then I try it again today and nothing works and
    it has that BS Stream tv bullshit



    Giving me the Whoops Stream and stopping at 25%

    The 88's get me in, but also just stop at 25%
    UK 14.14

  154. i just wanna say this site is awesome, you guys are doing great work, I'm in the uk and had the same DNS issue with stream tv. the DNS i have working for me now is the 2nd one you have on the list primary secondary –

  155. Was working for me in the UK, I was able to watch over a season of Scrubs. But just gone on tonight and its going on to the UK netflix even with that DNS??? Has something changed?

  156. Secondary:
    Works for me in Ottawa Ontario Canada, my netflix has only worked on Can for around two weeks now!!! thank to whomever posted it.

    Working in Alberta, Canada
    Had problems with it stopping at 25%, but deleted Netflix from PS3, reinstalled it, and it works perfect now.

  158. I used the third dns code…out of the latest reported ones that work and I'm on a ps3 in Ireland. Connects to the us Netflix but titles only load to 25% and wont work then…ridiculous!

  159. Code gets into American netflix in Ireland but when click on movie says the title is unavailable! Any ideas?

  160. Code gets into American netflix in Ireland but when click on movie says the title is unavailable! Any ideas?

  161. Almost everything failed here too, stopping at 25%


    Works for now, from BC, Canada

  162. Top two codes open US Netflix with no problem, but like every other code I have used from various sources, the programme I want to watch starts loading, but only get to 25% and an error message comes up.

  163. This is insane now it's not letting me use it again lol keeps giving an dns error, it's like they just won't let us use American Netflrix

  164. UK getting on Us netflix with 360 but getting stream help plastered on everything using laptop and hold no problems

  165. Jst got code working in ontario canada I'm a first time user can't wait! Thanks so much my adrenaline is pumping jst going threw the selection compared to canada thabjs again to orginal post

  166. No codes wrking, get american library on some but no images on screen jst txt click to play and only downloads up to 25% then stops…

  167. It is working for me in ontario canada but I have no picture display it states dns numbers will be closing soon, anyone from ontario have new working codes?

  168. The battle for the US Netflix continues
    Hailing from Toronto Ontario

    Let's hope this still continues!
    This works!

  169. If anyone has a problem paying $5 a month for access to US Netflix, you can use

    They charge $2 a month. If you set it up through your router, you will also never get ads on web pages.

  170. Under no circumstances should anyone use They're responsibly for this.

    If you're going to cave in like a little bitch, at least give money to their competitors instead like unotelly and

    Fuck Playmo.

  171. What's this thing all about? It shows up now when I want to use dns servers listed on US netflix. Please help


    Works in Saskatchewan Canada!!!
    Now I don't wanna jinx, but Ty Ty Ty!!! I can watch Quantum Leap and Knight Rider again!!!


    Works in BC, Canada with no streamtv or playmo crap. I can watch more than one episode in a row and it hasn't cut out with the "cannot play this title at the moment" error in the last 3 hours I've been using it.

    And yes, I do not have the latest update of netflix on my PS3 – do not download the latest update! If you have than delete your netflix, re-install it, and then when you open it up it will ask to search for updates, hit X to accept then hit O repeatedly until it cancels out of the update. You'll have to do it every time but seriously, your DNS has about a 90% better chance of working if you DO NOT UPDATE NETFLIX! You will still get the new shows and everything so there's literally NO REASON to update. DO NOT UPDATE NETFLIX! I repeat – DO NO UPDATE NETFLIX! Going back to the old version of netflix has made it a hundred times easier for me to use an American DNS without errors.

  174. Help! please! Netflix was working great a week ago but now I can enter american netflix, but I cant see any movie, all stuck in 25%, I tried the up up down down left right left right up up up up but after I deactivate my account I only get error ui-502 and cant sign in again

  175. Remember to keep trying when netflix says can't get this title at the moment..don't believe that shite..keep trying!! it always works after a few tries.
    My gf and I try sometimes..6 always comes on.

  176. Well I give up. Playmo wins. I signed up.

    *begins speaking in a tone suggesting he's been brainwashed*

    Don't you see, everyone? Playmo isn't our enemy. Playmo is our friend. Don't fight it, just accept it. You'll be so much happier! It's only $4.99 a month. That's actually a pretty good deal. You can't win. Soon all of your DNS will be ours. Give in… GIVE IN TO PLAYMO

  177. Hey everyone, at the risk if this sounding selfish if any of you find a dns that works I would suggest keeping it to yourself.

    I have found numerous over the last couple of days that work but once published on a forum fail to work a few hours later. It is possible that stream tv are monitoring these forums and snapping up any we publish as working.

    My advice, selfish as it sounds is, if you find a code that works keep quiet and enjoy while you can because by being a good citizen you are possibly adding to the problem.

  178. Could it be that the people who are using these codes with success (and not seeing the playmo/streamhelp garbage) have an earlier version of netflix installed?

    Can anyone confirm this? I have the latest netflix version, running on my PS3 in Winnipeg, Canada, and all the codes that connect to American netflix give me the playmo or streamhelp thumbnails (except 80.88, which shows the proper content but also won't load anything past 25%).

    Maybe it's just random luck. Just like how certain DNS codes work for some and not others.

  179. Nope, I get all the correct thumbnails, I just tried the other 2 combos the anon above posted, and they work, too, but still no subs. I'm gonna try to log out and back in.

  180. Nolan, with this code, on my PS3 I've watched 2 episodes, going on 3, so that one is for sure working here (Chile). No subs though…

  181. To anyone saying that their dns codes are currently working: Please wait to report it until you are able to watch more than one title without error (and loading a title, immediately cancelling, and loading another title does NOT count, because it will work). Currently, almost all of the working DNS codes display the crap, and you will not be able to play more than one title before it stops working and freezes at 25%.

    If in fact you can play more than one title (per login) using one of these DNS codes, by all means let us know.

  182. If I get past the sign in screen on my 360 all I get are background images showing (In the UK) can anyone explain this? Cheers

    keeps playing 1 movie/ episode then it stops no icons just the line " oops visit to sign up.
    doesn't want to play it loads till 25% and then say's cant load this title at this moment try again later.

    Does anyone has a working DSN for the netherlands (on ps3)?

  184. Yup,, working for me on PS3, Chile. Let's hope it stays that way!

    Edit: Subtitles aren't loading though, just me?


    working for me in the UK on my ps3,
    have tested a few movies and they loaded up no problem.


  186. Hey guys. Tried all listed codes and none work, just get as the film pics and only loading to 25%. I'm using my ps3 and sky Internet. Any ideas of working codes in uk? Are there any codes for xbox 360 maybe that will work? Help please. Thanks

  187. Well I don't know what to believe. According to this streamhelp crap, they're no longer letting us use DNS codes for free, even though I am still able to stream titles (with persistance) so they sure as hell didn't do a good job of stopping me… Morons. Plus, the junk was actually gone for the better part of last night through till the morning, and everything was running perfectly. So it's possible they're working on getting rid of these unblock-us-scamming losers and taking back the dns codes that we have every right to use, to view content that others are viewing at the same price we pay. If not, then netflix is likely to lose a lot of customers.

  188. For 2 days I was having troubles with DNS and it said I had to buy PlaymoTV ($ 4,99) to fix the problem. However thanks to you DNS Netflix USA is working fine again for me in Curacao (Caribean)!

  189. In BC Canada some DNS are working but only get to the pics some are loaded others say streaming help.TV… Anyone know what's going on?? Can't use american netflix

  190. Worked for me for like 5 minutes, then just gets to 25% and get that banner everywhere. Probably gonna bin the service now, PS3 UK

  191. i know diffrent territories have diffrent licencing laws, but netflix should work out a deal to just have everyone using the same service, its stupid. They must relise that if i want to watch a certain show from a certain region, i just change my DNS. As someone else said, if i couldnt do this, i wouldnt pay for the service, rather i would just go back to downloading. And i think that is most peoples view

  192. Yesterday the DNS codes were reported of being down..
    The code worked for me from evening last night till about 830 this morn in BC Canada..
    Now I'm back to the streamhelp crap..
    Anyone else's codes working as of this moment??

    I'm thinking it 's just going to require our patience until they get new codes or these ones are up and running again…
    But.. i am persistent and will keep trying through out the day…

  193. Does anybody have a code that works for 360 in uk as of now none of above are working some wont connect to live and some wont connect to netflix


    Working today in NS Canada, however I have "Whoops!" showing on all the screen shots and the titles aren't loading properly.

    Oh well, going to enjoy some SOA 🙂

  195. March 18 2014

    this one was suppose to be posted before my other comment ..

    lots of the codes work for me , i get internet and what not , but when i go on netflix , i pick a show , it loads to 25% then tells me "We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title."
    none of the shows on the american netflix work with any of the DNS codes . the only time anything works is when i go back to local DNS .
    It was working 3 days ago .
    i even deleted the app and re-downloaded it and still nothing .

    -Winnipeg Manitoba Canada , PS3

  196. March 18 2014

    also , when i use a dns that has the "Whoops" ad , i can still pick a show , but still only loads to 25% and says "we're having trouble playing this title…"

    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada , PS3

  197. Theres a few suspicious codes one here recently which are working in the UK but plastering advertisements all over Netflix on the PS3.

  198. Can confirm is working today in Scotland UK. I'm using it on a Samsung smart TV. This is the code I was using before all the probs started a few days ago.

  199. Previous Anon made a mistake, missed a "1". But these codes are indeed working:

    BC, Canada.

  200. for anyone wanting to watch us netflix on a computer you can do it for free i use fire fox and i downloaded hola blocker which is free and it lets me watch us netflix on my laptop but like lots of other ppl the codes are not working on my xbox im in canada

  201. Sod this I signed up to a free trial on unblockus, It allows you to pick what region you want Netflix to work under and away ypu go, I'm back baby and for $4.99 which is £3 my money a month at the end of the trial I'm keeping it, can't be arsed with this messing around with DNS codes anymore, and with a wee app on my pc it allows me to log into and watch any show on CW I want as well Yip Yip

  202. on ipad working in the UK.

    Good check is the film 1984 plays on Uk netflix but not US.

    Also the Bernie Mac show is only on US so if you get that playing you're in!

  203. Been trying for an hour but no luck. No codes are working in Vancouver Canada on my PS3. US Netflix will load the library, but won't play anything.

  204. Still cant find a working code guys! One way I have managed to get back onto US netflix is through UnblockUS (Just google it)
    It cost's $4.99 with a weeks free trail. I know its pricey but after a day of pulling my hair out, this seems to be the only fix :/

  205. 192 95 16 36
    109 123 111 24
    As of 21.51 this is working on Xbox360 in the Uk

    Oh and it's got nothing to do with Netflix folks, it's to do with America relinquishing it's DNS rights!!!!

    New update as of 22.03 this doesn't work in the U.K

    Comes up with the connection error message, back to UK selection or me

  206. 192 95 16 36
    109 123 111 24
    As of 21.51 this is working on Xbox360 in the Uk

    Oh and it's got nothing to do with Netflix folks, it's to do with America relinquishing it's DNS rights!!!!

  207. The codes have been working on and off all day in Germany. The 109 and 088 codes. Nothing working for netflix right now

  208. Tried 88 codes lets me in but most content will not work. I get to around 7% then the message "Oops something went wrong" and an error code. Also tried 192 code but can't even get into Netflix then.

  209. 192 95 16 36
    109 123 111 24 works in hull england on ps3. When searching for videos it shows that stream help thing but videos work though but takes a minute or two to load.

  210. 109 14 36 90 / 109 123 111 24
    Comes up with instead of images but it's playing the programme atm don't expect it to last long

  211. When i have actually been able to connect into netflix..I Am also getting the streamtv shit too…
    I have tried all codes – a lot will connect to Xbox live (using xbox360) but won't allow me into Netflix. In BC CANADA.