All Discovery Shows Removed from Netflix October 5th

Originally scheduled for September 26th, Netflix has removed all Discovery content from their streaming queue today, October 5th. This includes many shows that we’ve repeatedly posted about being badly out of order like Mythbusters, Whale Wars, and Dirty Jobs. They’re losing TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress” today as well.

While it is part of a business deal with  Discovery moving over to Amazon, we wonder if Netflix’ consistently bad uploads of Discovery’s shows had anything to do with their decision. We often linked to Amazon’s versions of these shows because episodes were missing from Netflix completely, so that was the only place to find them. While we aren’t happy to see Netflix lose the shows, we hope they will get their uploading methods in better order.

As a last hurrah, here are the stats for all 3 shows from when they were on Netflix:

77 Episodes out of order
85 Episodes missing (plus 3 pilot episodes)
17 Episodes in order (12 of which are the in-order Season 9)

Dirty jobs:
88 episodes out of order
79 episodes missing (plus 3 pilot episodes)
0 episodes in order

Whale Wars:
Season 3: No episodes in order
Seasons 1-2: In order

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51 thoughts on “All Discovery Shows Removed from Netflix October 5th”

  1. Did they remove Animal planet shows too? Cuz I remember it used to have River Monsters and Gator Boys but now it doesn’t. I miss those shows.

  2. This isn't Netflix's fault. Most of you don't seem to understand that Netflix has to have a license from the producers of a movie/channel/show in order to stream it to its customers. Netflix isn't able to just stream whatever shows and movies that it wants, it has to have the permission and licensing to do so. The reason Doctor Who dropped, for example, is because the license expired for it. It's a total bummer, but also not entirely Netflix's fault. What you should be blaming is the producers of the shows, the people at Discovery, as they shifted their business from Netflix to Amazon, probably hoping to make more money. With very popular shows, however, I imagine that Netflix would do everything possible to keep those shows in order to keep their customers. For all we know, Netflix is working on it.

    In an somewhat unrelated note, this is the reason that it pisses me off that Netflix put old fashioned video stores like Blockbuster out of business. It used to be a family tradition of mine that every Friday night we would get a pizza and my brother and I would each get to pick out a movie from Blockbuster. Now the Blockbuster is an Urgent Care, and the only way for us to watch movies and tv shows that we like is by recording them on the DVR (if/when they're on), Netflix, or paying for a rental on Amazon that only works with internet access. This really sucks when looking for old classics like the Blues Brothers, which I used to rent from Blockbuster all the time. It's so frustrating.

  3. I am thinking about cancelling Nexflix since I can not watch the old Deadliest Catch shows with Capt. phill on them. I thought they might come back on back after reading this blog it does not look like it. Unreall… its all about that mighty buck that nexflix can make off of you.. They don't want to spend a few bucks to make their people happy.

  4. I will be cancelling my subscription with netflix. My wife and I subscribed it specifically to watch 2 shows, Doctor Who and Mythbusters.

    They can't even keep shows updated. We have to wait FOREVER for new episodes.

    They lost a customer from me. Cancelling my account as we speak.

  5. Fuck you netflix, you ruin everything good. There is barely any good shows on there now. Smarten up or you wont have any people watching. Hulu has done great maybe you should learn and not be so god damn greedy. Bastards!

  6. MythBusters was my favorite show! and I know this is not a Discovery Channel show but why did you take off the first two seasons of Eureka?

  7. It's sad. So many shows I love taken away. As a geek, the Discovery channel was my nerdy outlet. Netflix is still good, but they're no longer great. They're becoming the AOL of 90's Internet – quickly being wiped out by the competition and will fall wayside to no longer be remembered if they don't keep their users…

  8. I hate u. Netflix! Myth busters was my favorite show ! I hope u lose all of your customers! I HATE YOU NETFLIX 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  9. Discovery did this people, they cut deal with Hulu with hulu thinking we all goin to come to them. Hulu has commercials with paid subscription unlike Netflix which don't. So we have to stay strong with Netflix. I hate it too, but I will NOT pay for a svod service like hulu and be forced to watch commercials that I cannot fast forward thru like home dvr. we need to stay strong for Netflix, otherwise others like Comcast and redbox WILL raise rates if Netflix ever goes under. I promise you this.

  10. Spare us all the dirty words people and take it like the Internet using adults that some of us are! Just Google "Show name Watch online free" and you will be sure to find plenty of resources. Just watch which ones you click. I have had no issues with cokeandpopcorn, tube plus, tomuse, daily motion, putlocker, and watch series. If you are lucky you might even find episodes on YouTube that haven't been caught yet. Just ALWAYS watch streaming, NEVER download.

  11. Just learned about this last night, when I wanted to catch up on Mythbusters a bit more and couldn't find any episodes.
    Who exactly is to blame? Netflix. I'm far from sure.
    I'm thinking Discovery. They probably wanted more money from Netflix at license renewal time, and possibly Netflix didn't want to pay the full rate increase or Amazon outbid Netflix.
    Or Discovery simply changed to Pay Per View model, thinking/hoping they will get more money then from the Netflix model. And I say pay per view, because the shows are not included in Prime.
    It is $2.99 per episode or $29.99 per season on Amazon.
    Both of which seem awful expensive.
    Not that content should be free, but it seems quite extreme to go from seasons being included in Netflix to $30/season.
    I am certainly not going to pay $500 to revisit the seasons as I intended, and have access to Mythbusters, until Amazon's license expires and it moves to the next streaming service. Sorry.

  12. A few years ago, we canceled netflix because of a payment change that they made. We finally decided to give them another chance, mostly because I wad dying to watch Mythbusters again. So disappointed to see that it's gone now. I'm still on my free month so I may just cancel again and go with prime. Going to look into it now.

  13. Wow, way to be mature and understand this is all a business. If discovery made a deal with amazon, so be it. The truly distatseful part is that most of those shows are not part of Prime, so you pay for each episode if you still want to watch it.

    So go ahead and cut our nose to spite your face…whine about how awful Netflix is, leave, and then pay for the shows on Prime. that'll teach them!

  14. Well netflix keeps taking all the shows off and its pissing me off because that is the 3rd show i used to watch gone now what you gonna take the walking dead off or arrow or breaking bad hell why not them all off and loose every single costumer you already lost alot you guys need to creat a site were pepole can vote on which shiws stay and which shows go give power to your costumers

  15. I really hate you netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MYTHBUSTERS WAS MY FAVORITE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you lose all your customers.

  16. YOU MAJOR F**KUPS you really did it this time Netflix keep pissing off your customers. If you get rid of BBC shows you will then lose your entire F**king business. I have said my piece

  17. You SUUUUUUUCK.!!!!!! You,suck you suck you suck suck suck suck suck suuuuuuuuuck.!!!!! I loved deadliest catch :'( and i got in Netflix JUST to watch deadliest catch.

  18. Really Netflix! Really! I love the show deadliest catch, and you just up and remove it all, without warning or anything. I just became a member so I could watch my favorite show. Thanks for nothing.

  19. Fucking Assholes! Put fucking all the shows that we want back on to netflix! These were my and everybody's favorite shows and you take 'em off! You now fucked up and your gonna lose customers you dumb fucks

  20. Mythbusters, smash labs, dirty jobs, deadliest catch, and how its made all gone netflix is useless now. Bad enough mythbusters new season has lost everyone but jamie and adam after 10yrs maybe hulu+ has all my shows now or ill have to buy all the seasons

  21. My son woke me up crying this morning because mythbusters was gone. It was a great show to get a nine year old boy interested in science.

  22. You fucking assholes. You give something then rip it away when people begin to enjoy it most. Just, don't have enough money yet huh? Have to have more? Or is it the horseshit excuse that they are out of order? We would rather have something rather than nothing. I was right in the middle of enjoying Deadliest Catch and Mythbusters. Why don't you guys go ahead and give the paying customers what they want – you know, for spending their hard earned money on your service, and put these episodes back. Kind of pointless to have a service that keeps losing content.

  23. I'd really like to point out that Netflix knows you guys love these shows. The fact is that amazon and discovery had a deal. So before you go directing your finger to netflix, please re read the aforementioned information. Thanks!

  24. I don't care about the shows being out of order big woopy whoop.. Just put them back.. Including how it's made.. Very disappointed now I have to watch these other crappy shows on TV ..

  25. wow way to ruin it to a 15 yr old boy i really loved mythbusters and u need to fix it or im not gonna watch netflix. please fix it.

  26. I watched Mythbusters all the time and I even put it on as background noise so that I could sleep and if helped and I can't believe this. What the heck?.. I'm going to go cry now..

  27. Man I love Mythbusters. I didn't care that they were outta order ): this makes me sad. And angry. What are we to do now?????

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