Alert! – The Tudors episode orders have changed!

Update, 7/17/2011: We just went through The Tudors again, as there was a slight change yesterday. Season 1 is now missing a new episode, #7. The Season 1 page’s top post has been updated to reflect this. Season 2 still has the same (wrong) order, on the Season 2 page; and Seasons 3 and 4 are currently in the correct order. Thanks to everyone who keeps updating the comments, as you can help eachother out even before we update the main posts, so that people can find the right orders with a quick google search.

Thanks to an anonymous tip posted in the comments, we are looking through The Tudors episodes now, and there is a new order for Seasons 1 and 2, while Seasons 3 and 4 appear to be in order as of early morning 7/6/2011. If you were watching Season 3 or 4, you’ll want to continue from the episode that is correctly after the last one you watched:

-For example if you were watching Season 4, Episode 4 – which was actually Episode 5 before, you’ll want to watch Episode 6 next, and continue through in order.

Thanks to everyone who keeps commenting with their findings. Let us know any other shows that are out of order so that we can investigate as well!

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11 thoughts on “Alert! – The Tudors episode orders have changed!”

  1. Season 1 also messed up. Just watched Wolsey off himself in s1e7. Now he's back in e8. Also, episode 7 showed the review of the last episode 6, and none of it was in the previous episode. Can I get a refund or get the last 8 hours of my life back!?

  2. Season 2 is not in the order that you have posted.. NETFLIX needs to check it again. Your list saids as of 7/6/11 well you need to go ahead and look again because your order is wrong, unfortunately it needs to b updated once again.

  3. This order is not correct. With price changing and netflix seeming to have an inability to fix this problem I may be dropping my account. Sort it out, netflix!

  4. wow its really screwed up now. They duplicated the same episode 3 times. Is this really so hard for the people at netflix to fix. I mean come on how pathetic is this.

  5. Ok so I called, and asked for an admin. The admin asked for the link to this blog when I called, and he said they will forward the order to the tech guys, and try to work it out. And also, try to find the missing episodes.

  6. Finally watched the 1st episode of Season 1 of the Tudors last night! We got Netflix a few weeks ago and have been trying this whole time.

    It looks like there is one difference than what it says here. Now, episode 5 and 10 are listed as "DVD Only". Hopefully, this is just while they figure out the problems, because I don't want to have to watch a DVD on my Blu-Ray player….it always looks awful!

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