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This is a post for the new 90210 series in 2008-2013, not the 1990-1999 “Beverly Hills: 90210.” Also, it’s all numbers because it’s a zip code, not “nine oh two one oh” or “9o21o” as people have actually asked 😂. If you are actually looking for the classic show, it’s not on Netflix, but Season 1 is free with Amazon Prime:

90210 Season 1 free with Amazon Prime
Nostalgia alert: Season 1 of the classic 90210 is free with Amazon Prime

Previously the Netflix version was confusing because two episodes in Season 1 were labelled “disc only” – but in fact no episodes are missing. Instead, they are combined into the first episode:

Episode 1 is “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore / The Jet Set”, and fortunately they’ve gotten rid of the other two.
  • Season 1: In Order

  • Seasons 2 – 5: In Order

Update 4/22/15:
We’re getting lots of comments asking for Season 5 of 90210, but on our (US) Netflix, Season 5 is showing up fine and in order:

If you’re missing Season 5 in another region, here’s the solution we’re using to connect to any region’s Netflix.

Update 9/19/14: All Seasons have been added to Netflix Instant and are In Order. It lists Season 1 as “1,4,5,6…” instead of “1,2,3,4…” but have no fear, all episodes are in the right order. This completes 90210 as all episodes are online and working fine.

Update 9/24/12: Season 4 has been added to Netflix Instant.

Update 2/12/17: All seasons are still up and in order in the US. Again, if you’re not seeing you, you probably need US Netflix. We updated that they removed the “disc only” We’re Not in Kansas Anymore / The Jet Set episodes, so everything is in order. Also Season 1 of the classic 90210 is free with Prime.

39 thoughts on “90210 – All Seasons – In Order”

  1. How come the music in the episodes they aired on TV are not on the episodes they have on Netflix? It's like they replace the really good songs with just basic background music.I was just wondering if it's because only the people who produced the show made a deal with the artists music and Netflix has no rights to it?? Anyways.It's just funny how I noticed,because most of the music I like I have found on my TV shows I watch.

  2. Why did you delete 90210 off of netflix! I love that show and I was almost done watching it till you guys took it off ���� extremely angry with Netflix at the moment! please bring it back����

  3. please release season 5 asap!!! I don't like being left on a cliffhanger and not knowing whats happened straight away i.e. is Dixon dead???

  4. Netflix you can't expect people paying for Netflix to start watching a series and not have the last series available but yet it's available on another site which costs more money! You need to get this sorted as soon as possible because I am new unhappy Netflix customer and I know a few more. It doesn't take long for word to get around that you are taking money off people with false advertising that you have 90210 series but not the last one! For people like me I didn't know how many series there was until I got to series 4! Sort it out

  5. When will season 5 of 90210 be available on Netflix UK
    and why does Netflix UK not have programmes like Saved by the Bell the complete season its so bad if sky own the rights to most of this then why don't they even show these sort of programmes!!

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